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How to Create Subtitles Fast for Free in 2022

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Subtitles have an important role when you are watching movies in foreign languages. However, have you ever thought about How to Create Subtitles for your own films or videos? Especially for films that have no subtitles.

It turns out that anyone can make their own subtitles in their film or video. Because indeed the way to make it is very easy and you can even try it on a laptop or Android cell phone only.

Have you ever watched a video or film in a foreign language, but it turns out that the film doesn’t have your language subtitles in it?

Knowing how to make your own subtitles will definitely help you a little to provide subtitles to the film/video you want. Here’s How to Create Subtitles.

How to Create Subtitles: a Step-by-Step Guide

There are 2 ways to make movie subtitles that you usually try on your computer or laptop. The first is that you can create your own sub without software, then the second is with the help of software.

For more details, you can read the following explanation below.

How To Create Video Subtitles Quickly For Free on PC

how to make subtitles faster


Notepad is the default Windows application, so every computer or laptop must have this notepad application. Notepad can also be used as a video subtitle maker.

How to? Here’s how to make a subtitle for a film that doesn’t have subtitles:

  • Open the notepad and then type the number 1 in the first line.
  • Press Enter to create a new line.
  • Below that enter the time the subtitle starts and ends in hours: minutes: seconds, milliseconds. For example: 00: 00: 30,000
  • Hit Enter for a new line and enter a subtitle just below the time format.
  • Repeat in sequence to continue the next subtitle.

Note: To make it easier and more accurate, please type the subtitles by watching the film or video too. Also, provide a distance of one line of separation for continued subtitles to make it tidier.

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After you have successfully created your own subtitles using the notepad method above, save the file in .srt form and UTF-8 encoding. You can directly enter the subtitles that you made into the video by sliding it or changing the subtitle name.


The next way to make your own subtitles for movies and videos is to use the help of the aegisub software. Unlike notepad, this application is able to provide subtitle effects such as color and font shape easily.

This application you can use for free and is quite light to use on a laptop. There you can choose the font, color, size, layout of the subtitles that you will create. This application also provides a preview so you will not experience errors in the process of making subtitles.

If you want to try aegisub as a subtitle maker for your film or video, here’s how to make your own subtitles using Aegisub:

Open Videos

Open the Aegisub software then click the Video menu> Open Video. Then select the video that you want to make the subtitle for.

Don’t forget to include the audio from the video to make subtitles easier. Simply click on the Audio menu> Open Audio from Video.

Setting Up Display

Next is where you can adjust the display color, size, font style of the subtitles. You can adjust the subtitles freely, but make sure they are more comfortable to read.

Simply click on the subtitle menu and select the Styles Manager. There you will see options to easily adjust the font display.

Type Subtitle

The next step is to type in the subtitles for your video. To enter subtitles, simply go to the Audio box menu.

To display two lines of text in one subtitle, you must enter \ N as a subtitle line separator. When done, press Enter or the Commit button to save it immediately.

Make sure you position the subtitles correctly. The comfort in reading the subtitles in the film or video is an important point.

Save Subtitles

The last stage is of course you have to save the final result of making your own subtitles. The method is quite easy, just click the File menu> Save Subtitle or immediately press CTRL + S on the keyboard.

The subtitle format produced by aegisub can be used for any video media player. You can even enter the subtitles of the results from aegisub into the video on YouTube.

How to Create Subtitles for a Video on Mobile Phone

how to make subtitles for a movie

Generally, people make subtitles using a computer/laptop. But it turns out that there are applications for Android phones that you can use as a way to make subtitles too.

This application is powerful enough to make subtitles in your video or film. In addition, this application can also change bad subtitles to match the video.

Here’s how to make your own subtitles on an Android phone:

  • Install the Easy Subtitles application via Playstore.
  • Open the application that you have installed.
  • Enter the video you want to edit or add subtitles.
  • You can immediately adjust the subtitles to your liking.
  • Done.

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How to Translate Foreign Language Subtitles

After you already know how to make your own subtitles for your video or film, next is how to translate subtitles from a foreign language.

Have you ever searched for subtitles for a film, but only subtitles available for English or other foreign languages ​​are available? You can use Google Translate’s feature to easily translate subtitles from multiple languages.

Want to learn another language fluently and quickly?

Follow these steps below:

  • Look for subtitles in foreign languages ​​first.
  • Open the subtitle file using notepad.
  • Copy all the contents of the text in the subtitle.
  • Translate the text on Google Translate.
  • Create a new notepad file and then copy and paste the translation results.
  • Save in .srt format and UTF-8 encoding.

Thus the article on How to Create Subtitles using notepad, aegisub, and applications on an android phone. You can choose which method is the easiest for you.

The most important thing is to make sure you make movie subtitles in good language and ideal text placement in order to get comfortable when watching movies or videos.

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