How to Create a Watermark

How to Create a Watermark and Remove in Word

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Have you ever known the term Watermark? Yes, a watermark is a way of hiding an image, video, or text in other digital data.

For example, suppose you create one piece of text in Word, then there is another text behind your Word text. However, the text that is behind it will not be clearly visible, aka only vague. Well, that’s what is called a watermark.

Some people make Watermarks so that their work is not just duplicated by others. But in fact, the watermark itself does not only function as copyright. There are other benefits and functions of watermarks.

Therefore, this time Weblogue had the opportunity to discuss How to Create a Watermark and remove in Word and we will also discuss a little about the functions, benefits, and purposes of using a watermark.

Indeed, there are some people who usually create Watermarks in PhotoShop and other photo editing applications, but you can also create them in Word. In fact, how to make a watermark in a word is relatively easy and practical. Want to know how?

How to Create a Watermark in Word Fast and Easy

Why Watermarks are Important

Watermark is present on Ms. Office Word isn’t just for pasting a text in a document. However, watermarks themselves have specific benefits as well as purposes. So what are the benefits and purposes of using watermarks? Based on Wikipedia, Watermark has 4 benefits as well as purposes, the following benefits and purposes:

1. Tamper-proofing

This one objective indicates that the original document has been changed, therefore a Watermark is given as a sign that the document has changed from the original. So, other people who read the document will understand that the document has changed.

2. Featured Location

With the existence of a Watermark, it can also indicate or identify the contents of a document. Apart from identifying the contents of the document, you can also find out the source or origin of the document.

3. Annotation / caption

The benefit of this one is to provide information about the documents that have been affixed by the Watermark.

4. Copyright-Labelin

For this one benefit, many people may already know where the Watermark functions as a copyright label for a document.

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How to Create a “Confidential” Watermark

After discussing the benefits, functions, and goals of a Watermark, now is the time to discuss how to create a Watermark. As information, Word has 4 types of watermarks that you can choose from.

The first type is Confidential or confidential. Here, you can select text for watermark which is confidential. For example, using watermark text like confidential or do not copy.

Whereas the second type is the Disclaimer type with Watermark text in the form of draft and sample.

In the third type, there is an Urgent Watermark. Yes, here you can create a Watermark to let you know that the document is very important.

Well, for this fourth type is custom. That is, you can make Watermark text according to your wishes and tailored to your individual needs.

Now is the time to enter the tutorial stage. Here, We use Ms. Office Word 2016. For how to create a Confidential type watermark, you can follow the steps below:

  • Open the Word document that you want to watermark.
  • After you determine the document that will be given the watermark, then you select the next step in the Design section.

example watermark image

  • For the next step, you can immediately select the Watermark at the top right.

watermark examples for documents

  • Then, Word will display several types of watermarks that have been mentioned in the previous paragraph. Well, you can immediately select and click on one of the Confidential Watermarks.

how to create watermark in word 2007

  • Well, finished and Word will automatically enter the Watermark that you have selected.

How to Create a “Disclaimers” Watermark

For those of you who want to create a Watermark with the Disclaimers type, it’s actually not much different from creating a Confidential Watermark. However, this type has a different text from confidential.

In the Disclaimers type, there are 4 watermark options with two watermark text options, namely Draft and Sample. How to make a watermark in this word is very easy. Let’s take the following steps:

  • Open the document that will be affixed with the Watermark.
  • Then choose Design.
  • Then, click on the Watermark in the upper right corner.
  • After that, choose the type of disclaimers according to your needs. Apply the Watermark disclaimer by clicking one of the 4 options.

how to create a watermark in excel

  • Automatically, the Watermark will be attached to your Word document.

sample watermark pdf

How to Create an “Urgent” Watermark

Want to indicate that your document is a very important document? Well, you can mark it by using a Watermark. On Ms. Office Word is an Urgent Watermark.

This type of watermark will indicate that your document is very important and only certain people can see or even read the document. For how to create a Watermark in Word with the Urgent type, you can follow the following steps:

  • Open the Word document that you want to watermark.
  • After that, select the Design section.
  • Then, you can immediately click the Watermark and select the urgent watermark.
  • Next, click one of the urgent watermarks according to your needs.

watermark sample image

  • Then, automatically, the Watermark will be attached to your Word document.

transparent watermark app


How to Create a “Custom” Watermark

If the Watermark provided by Word is not suitable for your needs, then you can create a Watermark with text that can be tailored to your individual needs. Here, you can choose Watermark with Custom type to define the Watermark text and here’s how to create a Watermark type custom:

  • Open the Word document to which you will provide the Watermark.
  • Then choose Design, then click on the section
  • After that, click on the Custom Watermark.

transparent watermark powerpoint

  • Choose the watermark text to change the watermark text to your liking.
  • Write the text in the Text section. Here you can also change the type of writing in the Font section and change the size of the text in the Size section. You can also choose to make the watermark text visible or semitransparent by clicking the box next to semitransparent. If everything is finished, immediately click OK.

watermark opacity word

  • Automatically, the results of the Watermark that you create will be applied to your document. Easy right?

transparent watermark maker


How to Remove Watermark in Word

Apart from adding watermarks, you can also remove watermarks from Word documents. However, to delete it, you first make sure that you have the right to modify the document, including removing the Watermark. For how to delete it, then you can do the following steps.

  • Open a Word document that has been affixed with the Watermark.
  • Then, choose Design and then you also select the Watermark section.
  • After that, you can immediately click Remove Watermark at the bottom.

how to make a transparent watermark on iphone

  • And automatically, the Watermark will be removed in your Word document. Very simple right?

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That was the easiest and most practical way How to Create a Watermark in Word. If you need a copyright label for a document that you have created, then you can add a Watermark. How, have you tried it?

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