How to Create a Telegram Bot

How to Create a Telegram Bot Without Coding

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In the past few years, maybe you need more funds or credit to send a message to the people closest to you. However, now it’s different since the emergence of instant messaging applications that can be enjoyed for free on smartphones based on operating systems such as Android and iOS.

According to Teach-ICT, instant messaging applications allow users to send messages quickly and for free to the same person who owns the software. Not only that, through instant messaging applications make it easier for users to stay connected in real-time with colleagues, friends, or the closest people who are connected.

As many people switch to instant messaging applications, now there are more and more instant messaging applications, one of which is the Telegram application. The application with the paper airplane logo wrapped in white and accompanied by a blue background offers the convenience of sending a text, photos, videos, and files in various formats.

This application, which was born in 2013, has a cloud system so it doesn’t require too much storage space. Thus, all information and data is automatically stored on the Internet. Regarding data security, Telegram has embraced international security standards, making messages that have been sent can only be accessed by its users.

Telegram offers many features, one of which is a Bot feature that is rarely owned by other instant messaging applications. For those of you who don’t know about the Telegram Bot feature, this feature is like a fictional or non-human user consisting of lines of code, capable of performing actions automatically and receiving commands in the form of HTTP requests.

In the Telegram application, there are two types of bots, the first is a stand-alone bot that is only added via a link and is supported by its own chat window in the column the user can carry out commands. Second, Inline bots can be invited from other chat windows (group or single) via the @namebot command.

Then can we make our own Telegram Bot? Of course, you can! The method is also quite easy to follow. Well, this time Weblogue will tell you How to Create a Telegram Bot Without Coding. Come on, just look at the following methods!

How to create a Telegram BOT step by step

Make a Bot on BotFather

BotFather is the father of Bots on Telegram and is a way to create telegram bots without coding to command them. Mr. Bot also provides a menu and is used to manage all bots available on Telegram. If you have a Bot, you have to manage it through BotFather. How to Create a Telegram Bot with BotFather as follows:

  • The first step you have to do is open your Telegram account, if you haven’t installed and created a Telegram account, you can get the free application here. Then you have to fill in your telephone number.
  • After installing, enter your phone number. After a few seconds, you will get a Telegram Code that will be sent to your telephone number. Soon you will enter the Telegram application page.
  • Next, go to the Lup icon which is at the top right of the Telegram page, then type BotFather or @BotFather in the search field.
  • Choose a BotFather account that is verified or marked with a blue tick.
  • Then, go to the BotFather conversation column and there is a white column with the information “What can this bot do?”.
how to make telegram bot python
  • Followed by clicking the Start or Start menu, which is located under the conversation column. This is the first step to initiating interaction with BotFather.
create telegram bot without coding
  • You will be presented with several options ranging from Edit Bots, Bot Settings, and Games. Each of these menus has a sub-menu that you can choose according to your needs. Because your goal is to create a new bot, you are required to type and send /newbot.
  • Then Mr. Bot will ask a question about what name you will give your Bot.
  • After filling in the Bot name, you are prompted to fill in the Bot Username and are required to attach the word “bot” to the suffix. For example, WeblogueBot or weblogue_bot.
create telegram bot step by step
  • If the Username submitted is available, you will get a reply “Done! Congratulations on your new bot…. ”, And under the text, you will find a Token which is the identifier of the bot itself.

It should be noted! That the Tokens you get from BotFather are confidential, only you alone may know them as the bot owner. If someone knows your Bot Token, they can completely control your Bot. However, you can also revoke Bot Tokens to update them.

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Connect Bot with Livegrambot

The goal of Livegrambot is that all messages that other users send to your Bot will automatically be piped to your chat, so you can reply to them. You can also link to a group so that its members can reply to incoming messages too.

The features of LivegramBot range from customer support, feedback, broadcast to customers, and statistics. Come on, just see how to sync your Bot with Livegrambot.

  • Go into the search field and type Livegrambot.
  • Choose the Livegrambot logo in the form of a bubble chat, usually at the top.
  • Select the Start menu or Start at the bottom.
  • After that, you will be presented with two language options, namely English or Russian. Choose one of them.
  • After selecting the language, Livegrambot will send you a message. Here you can type and send / addbot.
  • After a few seconds, you are asked to press the approval button and continue by pressing the Agree and Continue buttons.
  • Then, you have to come back to BotFather to copy your Bot Token.
telegram bot tutorial
  • Next, after copying the Bot Token on BotFather, send the Bot Token on Livegrambot.
  • Then, a message will appear that says your Bot has been successfully connected. It’s easy?

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Setting up a Telegram Bot Identity

Actually, your Bot is finished but it would be great if it was equipped with another description, this will clarify what the Bot was made for. To set up the Telegram Bot identity, just follow the steps below.

  • To fill in the Bot description, the steps are by typing and sending/set description in BotFather.
  • Then BotFather will ask for the Bot username.
  • After filling in the Bot username, Mr. Bot asks you to fill in the description. For example, you can pay attention via the image below.
telegram bot api
  • Next, you can fill in your Bot, how to type/setabouttext, and fill in your Bot username.
  • Mr. bot then tells you to fill in About Text, you can fill in according to your heart or adjusted to the focus of your content.
telegram bot github
  • In BotFather you can change the profile photo of the Bot, the step to replace it is by sending text/setuserpic. Next, you are asked to enter the Bot Username. Finally, you have to upload an image.

Voila! Your Telegram bot is complete. To make sure your Bot is working, you can ask your friends to search for your Bot username in the Telegram search field and then send any message to your Telegram Bot.

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How easy, isn’t it How to Create a Telegram Bot Without Coding? For those of you who are still confused about how to make a Telegram Bot, try commenting in the comments column where the difficulty lies. Good luck!!

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