How to Create a Music Group on Spotify

How to Create a Music Group on Spotify for free

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How to Create a Music Group on Spotify for free? Spotify continues to bring various interesting innovations to users. Recently, this music streaming service released the Supergrouper feature which allows users to combine their favorite musicians into a group

In the Supergrouper feature, Spotify users can act as music directors and form a music group with personnel from the user’s favorite artist.

It doesn’t matter what genre of music they create, or whether they have retired from their music career or passed away. Users can also name the music group as desired.

However, even though they are part of a group, it doesn’t mean that Spotify’s Supergrouper feature makes the musicians that users join together, creating new songs. This Supergrouper feature will only provide a playlist containing songs from the musicians who have joined.

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So, how to use this Supergrouper feature?

How to Use the Supergrouper Feature on Spotify

How to use this feature is quite easy. Users only need to do a few steps to successfully create their own music group. Here’s the full way.

  • Go to the site on your smartphone.
  • Tap the Connect to Spotify feature and follow the instructions to link your Spotify account.
  • After entering the feature, the first step is to select a group size. You can choose a minimum of 3 artists or a maximum of 5 artists.
  • Choose artists and their roles. You do this by writing the name of the artist in the column provided.
  • There are several roles such as The Lead, The Up-And-Comer, The Producer, The Legend, The Hypeman, The Polymath, The Rockstar, The Lyricist, The Trendsetter, and The Wildcard.
  • If you are confused about what to choose, you can choose the Randomize menu so that Spotify chooses randomly based on the musicians you listen to often.
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  • Name your group. Tap Create your Name at the bottom of the screen and you will be taken to a page where you will be given a list of words and phrases to choose from.
  • The words are selected by Spotify’s algorithm and are based on their artist description or song name.
  • Once you’ve finished naming your Supergroup, Spotify will compile a playlist consisting of songs created by the artists in that group. There are about 20 or 30 songs in total.

The Supergrouper feature is currently only available for Spotify users in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines.

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It looks like Spotify will be bringing this feature to other countries gradually.

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