How to Create a Google Form

How to Create a Google Form on PC or Your Phone

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Would you like to create a questionnaire or an online registration form? So google form is the answer, How to Create a Google Form itself is classified as a very easy job.

Google Forms is one of the innovations from Google Docs which can be used to create questionnaire templates and registration forms online with just a Google account.

In addition, google forms can also be saved and then opened via spreadsheet or excel. This feature is very useful because Google Forms provides an attractive and nice template.

Google forms are often used to create online forms for free. There you can create various types of forms such as registration forms, create surveys, create questionnaires, research, and even online exams.

The Beginner’s Guide to Google Forms

There are 2 methods you can use to create an online questionnaire or form on a google form. The first is using a PC and the second is through a cellphone.

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You only need to set up a google account so you can create a google form. If you don’t have one, then you must register with a google account first.

How to Create a Google Form on PC

You can use a computer or laptop to create a google form. Before that, make sure you are connected to the internet network and logged in to your google account so you can go to the google form page.

How to make a Google Form questionnaire on a PC:

  • Visit the Google Forms page.
  • Select the template you want, for example, the Blank template.
how to create google form link
  • Then fill in a title and description of your form.
  • Next, make a question on the form.
  • Select the response option used from the question.
google forms test
  • Click the plus icon (+) if you want to add a new question.
  • Repeat the steps above to add questions.
  • When finished, click the Send button at the top.

Now the google form has been successfully created. You can submit the form from the google form to social media, email, or copy the link.

How to Create a Google Form on your Phone

You can also create a google form using only an Android phone. However, you must first install the application on an Android phone so you can easily create google forms.

How to make a Google Form on Mobile Phone:

  • Install the FormsApp application first.
  • Then open the app and allow all requests.
  • After that log in using your Google account.
  • Tap the plus icon to start creating the form.
  • Select the template provided or select Blank Form so you can set it yourself.
google form quiz
  • Add questions and respond accordingly.
  • Also, provide the title and description you want.
how to create google form for registration
  • Press the Submit button when finished.
  • In the setting form, adjust as needed then press the Submit button.

The questionnaire on google form has been successfully created, you can share it via social media or take the link.

How to Make a Great Google Form

how to use google forms

If you have difficulty improving the appearance of the Google Forms, then you don’t need to be confused anymore. The reason is, google form has provided a template by default that you can use.

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But if you still don’t like the templates provided by Google Forms, you can also do your own customization. You can adjust the appearance of the google form to make it look nicer and more attractive.

The trick is that you only need to click on the painting palette icon at the top. After that, then you can adjust all the views of the google form that you created.

  • Header: Adding an image as a logo from google form.
  • Theme Color: Set the theme color in the google form.
  • Background Color: Add color to the background.
  • Font Style: Set the existing font on a google form.

By setting all these options, you can give the impression that the google form looks nicer and more attractive.

How to Shorten Google Form Links

google form app

The links generated by the google form will basically provide a very long URL. To shorten it, you have to check the Shorten URL option box. But if you feel that the google form link is still long, then you can use Bitly’s URL shortening service.

How to make a google form link to

  • First, open your google form.
  • Then take the google form link.
  • Then visit the Bitly website.
  • Paste the google form link into the fields provided.
  • Then click the Shorten button.
  • Now your google form link changes to bitly.

Very easy right? If you want to find out about other services that are also able to shorten URLs, please read the following article on how to shorten links.

How to View Google Form Results

google forms templates

You can monitor answers from people who have answered the google form in the Responses tab. Just visit the google form link that you have, then click on the menu section.

You will then see the complete google form results starting from a summary of the entire answer to the detailed answer from one person who filled out the google form.

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Well, that’s how to create a google form that can be used to create online forms and create surveys, questionnaires, research, online exams, and more. You can use a PC or Android cellphone to make it. Good luck!


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