How to Create a Facebook Business Page

How to Create a Facebook Business Page in Short Time

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Facebook has been used widely all over the world. It also has become the number one social media to sell things. Facebook has become a new easy way of doing online business. Its feature, the business page, has been used by many vendors, especially the beginners, to promote and share their merchandises. A Facebook business page is a great chance for any business starter to start their online business. It’s a free pass for the business to promote and increase the sales of the business.

How to create a Facebook business page is actually a simple matter. Just log into your account and find “Create a page”, then click it. Then follow the steps to make your own business page.

Although it is simple, the challenge is how to create a Facebook page for your business interesting so that many people visit it.

Good pictures, excellent captions and tempting sentences would make people curious about the products you are offering. If you don’t have any experience in designing a business page, below are the steps to consider of how to create a Facebook business page:

7 Ways to Create a Facebook Business Page

how to create a business page on facebook

1.Register from your personal account

The very first thing of how to create a Facebook business page is that you must have a personal Facebook account. Then, log into your personal account and follow these steps:

  • On the right-hand side of the blue toolbar, you’ll see “create” button. Click that.
  • A list will appear below, then choose “page”
  • After that, some options will show up. Choose the category you want for your business.

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2. Enter Your business information

The next step in how to create a Facebook business page is to put in the information about your business.

  • Write down the name you want to be for your business
  • Then, choose the category, for example, clothing, catering, sports equipment, accessories, jewelries, gadgets, etc.

3. Upload the profile pictures and cover photo

Just like creating your personal Facebook account, in how to create a Facebook business page, you need to upload picture and photo on this step.

Profile picture

Businesses usually use the logo for the profile picture. So, set your company logo first before you create a business page on Facebook. Make sure that the picture is good enough and have a high resolution so that it won’t be fractured.

If you don’t have any logo yet, you can still use any pictures that represent your business.

Cover photo

Cover photo is not only needed to be uploaded on personal Facebook account. In how to create a business page on Facebook, it is also important to upload the cover photo on the page. Make sure that the cover photo is appealing and representative for the business you are doing.

4. Invite friends to like your page

how to create a facebook page for business

Your Facebook friends will give the opportunity for you to spread the news that you are running a new business. They can help you to grow your online business by giving the likes. So, ask them to like the business page you have created.

Tell them, that you are now running an online business and invite them to like your business page. You can see the menu on the screen; you can click the pop-up prompt to invite friends.

They could be the initial base of likes for your business page. This also important step in how to create a Facebook page for business.

5. Add the detail information about your business

On the left-side of the menu, you can find “about” option. Click this and add the information about your business here. This is the place where you can tell the readers all about your products or things that you sell. It is the place for you to promote your business.

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Make the business grow from here. Tell the good things of your products or services. Put every important and detailed information about your business such as the website, the hours, contact person, and how to contact you on these columns.

It is very important to provide complete information for your readers who might be your customers in the future. Do not leave your readers with questions about your business. If they like your page, there will be a big opportunity for them the shares the news to their other friends. And you will get more and more visitors.

6. Add a button to your page

Below your cover photo you can a menu of “add a button”. You can do it for your business page. It appears on the top right of your page. It will, accordingly, increase the sales of your products or services.

How to do it is just simply click the blue “add button”, then you can choose some types of buttons: Book with you, Contact you, Learn More, Shop, or Download. Choose which one fits your business. For example, if you offer a service of a hair salon, you would probably choose “book with you” instead of “shop”. Or if you are running a business of clothing, then button ”shop” will be better fit your business.

7. Be active on Facebook

When every steps of how to Create a Facebook business page done. It is time for you to be active on Facebook. Creating business page is just the beginning of the marketing step. You have to be active to market your products or service on your page and grow the audience.

You probably will not only have to post products on your business page, but sometimes, you also may try to join or peep any similar groups which relevant to your business. Maybe you will find some audiences there that may spend their time into your page. Then, you can start to invite them to your page, and that will grow the number of your audience. As the number of your audience has enlarged, the opportunity of the growing business has also increased.

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