How to Create a Digital Signature

How to Create a Digital Signature on Desktop or Mobile Phone

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Are you a student who is active in organizations? Or a fresh graduate who is looking for a job? Regardless, chances are you are faced with a variety of situations that require your signature.

In the past, many activities could only be done manually, whether it was correspondence, submitting proposals, and so on.

Now? Of course, times have changed. There are a wide variety of communication methods available that make everything fast, easy, and practical.

One of them is email! Documents that were originally hard copied can now be reduced, replaced by soft copies that are easy to share economically and don’t waste paper.

However, there is one problem – how do I sign documents or emails on the computer? Should it be printed first, then signed, then scanned again? It’s really complicated. Fortunately, there is an easy way, namely by creating a digital signature.

So what is a digital signature? A digital signature is the same as an ordinary signature, its function is to confirm that you have seen and approved the contents of the signed document.

The difference is, a digital signature can be created on a PC or mobile phone – in some cases (for example on email), a digital signature can be added automatically. Intrigued by How to Create a Digital Signature? Come on, see the steps below!

How to Create an Electronic Signature

How to Create a Digital Signature on Computer/Laptop

You can create a digital signature using your PC or laptop. But preferably a laptop, because it will be easier to use the trackpad for one of the steps below.

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Visit a Digital Signature Builder Site

how to create digital signature in word

The first step is to find a tool that you can use for creating digital signatures. There are various applications that can be used, but if you want it to be faster and simpler, you should use the tools available on the internet.

One of the sites with less complicated navigation is Online Signature. Just type the address “” into the search field in the browser to visit the main page. Then, click the Draw Signature menu to go to the Free Online Signature Maker creation page.

Create a Signature

how to create a digital signature in pdf

Well, on this page there is a column large enough to make your signature. Just need to stroke the column until your signature is formed.

There is a clear button that can be clicked if you want to start over from the beginning. When it’s finished, click the Save button and a pop-up will appear providing two options – Sign Up and Download Signature.

Download Signature

create a handwritten signature

At this stage, your signature is actually ready. Just click Download Signature, select the storage directory, and your signature will be saved in PNG image format.

However, if you want to use it in your everyday life (such as when sending emails), you can continue with the next steps in this tutorial.

Put Signature on Gmail Account

electronic signature free download

Gmail is the most popular email platform today because the site is light and fast to access. If you often send business emails to clients or colleagues, you can set your signature to always appear every time you start a new email.

The trick, go to your Gmail account by typing “” in the search field in the browser. On the inbox page, click on the Settings button (gear-shaped) in the upper right area of ​​the screen. Then, select the Settings menu.

On the General tab, scroll down until you find the Signature setting. Select the menu located under the No Signature menu, type in your closing greeting and your name. Put the cursor between them, then click the Image button to add the signature that you created earlier.

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If so, scroll to the bottom end and click on the Save Changes button. The arrangements are complete and you can add a signature to every email you send.

How to Make Digital Signatures on Mobile Phone

Apart from using a PC, you can also create a digital signature via an Android device. There are applications that you can use to simplify the signature creation process.

Download the Adobe Fill & Sign Application

how to create a digital signature in adobe

First of all, open the Google Play Store and enter the keyword “adobe fill & sign” in the search field, then press Enter. Or, you can also download it via this link. Wait a few moments until the application is installed then tap on the Open button.

Tap the Pen Button and Select Create Signature Menu

electronic signature

When the app is open, click on the pen button located at the top right of the screen. Then, two options will appear, namely, Create Signature and Create Initials. Select the Create Signature menu to go to the signature creation page.

Similar to the steps on the PC, you need to draw your signature in the space provided. The good thing is, the responsiveness on the cellphone screen works better than the trackpad so you can make signatures smoother.

Select Documents to Sign

create transparent signature online

The next step is to just select the document stored on your Android device to sign. Select the “Select a form to fill out” menu, then three options will appear, namely “From PDF File”, “From the Photo Library”, and “Take a Picture”.

Choose one of the three menus according to the format of your document – choose the first option if the document file is PDF, the second option is an image, or the third option if you want to take a form or document.

Whatever your choice, you will be taken to the editor page where you can make various modifications such as filling in your identity (name, address, etc.). To add a signature, tap on the pen logo at the top right of the screen and tap again on the signature that was created.

Position the signature so that it is in the signature column of the document (usually located at the bottom left or right corner). You can also adjust the size easily with just a touch of a finger. Now, at this stage, you have successfully placed a digital signature on the document through the Android application. Practical, right?

Nowadays, almost everything can be done online, let alone just sending files. Besides being able to save time, digital signatures are also considered environmentally friendly because they can reduce the need for paper.

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That was How to Create a Digital Signature on Desktop or Mobile Phone easily, practically, and most importantly: for free. So, have you tried it ?.

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