How to Copy Text from Secured PDF

How to Copy Text from Secured PDF With Google Chrome

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Maybe we’ve opened a PDF file and want to copy and paste a few sentences in it. But on a secured PDF file, you will have a little trouble copying the sentences. However, doing this does not mean it is impossible because there are still way How to Copy Text from Secured PDF easily.

The purpose of someone making a secure pdf file is none other than so that all the content in the pdf is not taken by someone else. Usually, pdf files like this are often found in copyrighted pdf files.

Usually, secure pdf files can only be selected. And when you want to right-click to copy it, the copy option doesn’t appear there. It must be very annoying, right?

But you don’t need to worry, because there is still a way How to Copy Text from Secured PDF which is secured like this case. There are even several ways you can try to use them, here are the reviews.

How to Copy Secured PDF File

how to copy protected pdf from website

The first method is of course a very easy way to use. You only need the google chrome application on your laptop or computer first.

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Follow the method of copy and paste the following secured pdf file text:

  • Turn off the internet network and make sure you have the pdf file.
  • Right-click the pdf file then select the Open with option.
  • Then select the Google Chrome application.
  • The pdf file will open in the google chrome application.
  • Select the text you want then right-click and copy.
  • Open the Ms word application then right click and paste.
  • You have now got the pdf text you want.

Very easy right? Simply select, copy, and paste in ms word to be able to copy the contents of the text from a secure pdf file.

How to Copy Text PDF Files Without Applications

how to make copy protected pdf

The next way to be able to copy the text in a pdf file is to help unlock pdf. Unlock pdf is a website that can convert a protected pdf to open.

Visit the website then click the Browse button. Then select the PDF file that you want to unlock so that all content can be copied.

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After you have selected the PDF file, click the Unlock File button. Just wait for the process to finish, then the open PDF file will be downloaded automatically.

Opening Secured PDF Files Online

how to copy text from pdf

The way to copy and paste the text of the pdf file that is secured next is by opening the pdf file for open security. Not much different from the previous method above, this method only requires an internet network and a browser.

Visit the website first, then upload the pdf file you want. You can also select PDF files from Dropbox and Google Drive storage.

If you have specified a pdf file, click the Unlock button. You just have to wait until the pdf security opening process is complete. Fast and slow, depending on internet speed and the size of your pdf file.

How to Copy Secured PDF File Text

how to copy text from pdf to word

The last safe way to copy the written pdf file is to convert it to a word. To do this, you don’t need the help of an application that needs to be installed first.

You only need a web browser and an internet network application. To convert pdf to word, you can read more fully in the following article how to convert pdf to word.

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There are several options that you can use to convert pdf to word. After it has changed to word, you can copy freely via the ms word application.

So, those are 4 ways to copy secure PDF text files easily and quickly. Determine which way you think is the easiest and most effective way to copy the existing content in the pdf file.