How to convert WebP to JPG

How to convert WebP to JPG image file Without Apps

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When downloading images from Google often the images are in webp format instead of JPG. Are you confused about how to convert photos to JPG? No need to worry because you can convert Webp to JPG. Here are tips to convert Webp to JPG easily.

The image formats that we commonly encounter are usually JPG or PNG. This type of image can usually be opened or accessed on various devices or platforms. While the Webp format may sound foreign to most people.

A little information, Webp is an image format created by Google. The presence of Webp aims to make websites have images with light file sizes and will be faster when accessed by users.

Unfortunately, the drawback of this Webp format is that not many platforms or devices support the format. So this format is sometimes difficult to open.

For example, when opened via a smartphone, or when uploaded to certain platforms. The Webp image format usually won’t upload.

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For that, you must first convert the Webp image to JPG. Fortunately, there is a very easy way to do this.

With the method that we are going to follow, you can convert Webp to JPG without the help of an application. Let’s just see how to convert Webp to JPG below.

How to convert WEBP to JPEG or PNG

webp to jpg converter download
  • Prepare an image with Webp format that you want to convert to JPG.
  • Next, access the Convert WebP to the JPG site.
  • Upload the image that has the Webp format earlier by clicking Choose File. The maximum file size that can be uploaded is 35 MB.
  • Next, click Upload.
  • After the image has been uploaded you can adjust the quality of the image.
  • Then just click Convert to JPG.
  • When finished, save the image by clicking the diskette icon.
  • Voila! Now you have successfully converted the Webp image to JPG.

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Well, that was the way to convert Webp images to JPG. Very easy isn’t it. Good luck with how to convert Webp photos to JPG above and good luck!

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