How to Convert TikTok Video to mp3

Discover How to Convert TikTok Video to mp3

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How to Convert TikTok Video to mp3 is very easy, you can try it with the tutorial that we will provide in this article.

Tiktok is synonymous with short videos with popular songs. Sometimes we want to save it in the phone gallery or change the ringtone in messaging applications such as WhatsApp, phone, or message.

Don’t worry you can get it very easily, with just a few steps the TikTok video will turn into mp3.

How To Convert TikTok Video Into Mp3

How do I convert TikTok to MP3?

There are two ways that you can do to convert TikTok music in audio form. The first is online using a website converter and the second is using an application.

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By Online Way or By Google

Now for the online method, you can use several recommended websites to convert TikTok videos to mp3. Among them is, then there are also and It’s up to you which one you want to use.

Steps to change

  • Please open TikTok
  • Then select the video that will be used as an mp3 song
  • Click the side arrow then select copy link
  • Next, please open some conversion websites, for example,
  • Later there will be a column to paste the video link, paste there the video that we copied the link
  • Then click Download, wait until the download button appears then select Download Mp3
  • Well later the song will go directly to the Gallery

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Pretty easy isn’t it? good luck!

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