How to Convert PDF to Excel

How to Convert PDF to Excel Online or Offline

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A PDF document file can contain anything, whether it’s images, text, or a combination of both. Usually, PDF files related to reports or theses may contain data in the form of tables and numbers.

What if we want to use the table in Sheet applications such as Excel or Google Sheet? Of course, this is not possible, considering that Excel cannot open PDF files.

What’s more, PDF files also don’t have a format like Excel which can recognize rows and columns. Well, one of the most effective ways to overcome this problem is to convert the PDF file into an Excel file, aka an XLS format file. Is this possible? Of course, you can, because we have information on How to Convert PDF to Excel.

How to Convert PDF to Excel Online

how to convert pdf to excel without software

The advantages that you get when converting PDF to Excel with internet services, you don’t need to install the application and can do it via any device. Plus, it’s all free, you don’t need to pay anything (only quota or WiFi).

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Just search on your favorite website page and follow the conversion steps on the site you choose. Here are some recommended sites for converting PDF to Excel.

iLove PDF

go to the site ( After that, select the file you want to convert and make sure you choose the PDF format, then click Open. Wait until your PDF document has been uploaded successfully, if so, click the Convert to Excel option and wait until the conversion process is complete.

Next, select Download Excel to save the file on your device, or use the Google Drive and Dropbox options if you want to save it online.

PDF to Excel

There is also another way, namely by opening a website ( Through this site, you can convert PDF files into just one format, namely Excel. Once opened, you can drop or drag the file to be converted then click Upload and select PDF File Format.

Next, click Open and wait for the upload process to finish converting, if you want it to be faster, you can use the paid version. If so, don’t forget to select Free Download to save the conversion results.


A site that is no less good for the converting process is ( To upload the document you want to convert to Excel, click the Choose File option and select File Format PDF. Next, click Open and wait for the file to upload successfully.

If so, immediately select Convert, wait a few moments before a download button appears by selecting Download. It’s finished, now, your PDF file has turned into Excel.

Soda PDF

The next most practical way is to convert files via the Soda PDF website, which apparently provides a variety of format options. The steps are really easy, go to the site ( and click the Select PDF option.

Once the document is found, select Open to upload. After the upload is successful, the file will be automatically converted to Excel by the website. Wait for the process to finish then click Download or select the Send File via e-mail option.

Clever PDF

Actually, you can do this method online or offline, the application can also be installed on Windows and Mac devices. But, the stages described this time are for the online version, yes. The site you can find easily, namely (

After visiting the website, you can immediately upload files by selecting File. Then click Start Convert, wait until the process is complete, then select Download.


This one is much simpler than the previous method. Instead of using the manual way of copying individual tablets, you can upload an editable PDF file to the site. Once uploaded, the site will create an XLS version that you can edit with the exact same column and row formats as the original.

  • Go to the site or by clicking this link.
  • Then, click on the PDF to Excel option as in the image above.
  • Click Choose file and select the PDF file to convert.
  • You will be presented with two options, namely, Convert to Excel and Convert to Excel with OCR. Choose the Convert to Excel option, because your PDF file has gone through the previous OCR steps. (If not, follow the steps in the article on how to edit a scanned PDF file.)
  • Click on the Choose option and the conversion process will run immediately.
  • Click Download to download the conversion result in XLSX format.

Please open the Excel file using Microsoft Excel. The table in it is true to the original – the numbers are in the rows and columns they should be. So, you can immediately use the table without the need for formatting adjustments.

How to Convert PDF to Excel Offline

how to convert pdf to excel offline

The opposite of the online method, even though you have to download the application on your device first, this app might make it easier for you. Because, you may not be connected to the internet for 24 hours, and when you need to convert PDF to Excel, you already have the application on your device.

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Moreover, these conversion applications are available in two versions, paid and free. You can convert PDF to Excel anytime, even without the internet. Here are some convert applications that you can install right now.

Using Adobe Acrobat DC

Anyone who often struggles with PDF files is familiar with the Adobe Acrobat program, the most popular PDF file reading, editing, and converting software available. Whatever you want to do with a PDF file, Adobe Acrobat really supports everything, including converting PDF files to Excel format.

However, this application is not available for free and requires a periodic subscription fee to use it. But if you already have it on a laptop, you can use the steps below.

  • Open PDF files using Adobe Acrobat DC.
  • Click on the Export PDF menu.
  • Select the Spreadsheet menu and click on Export.
  • Choose a storage directory and save the conversion results that you have made.

Yes, it’s that easy. The app also allows you to tweak the settings to better match the expected results. For example, you can create separate worksheets for each table, or create different worksheets for different PDF pages.

PDF to All Converter

This free application is actually multifunctional, it can not only convert PDF to Excel but also other document formats. Immediately, if you want to convert PDF to Excel, the first step you need to do is run the application and click Browse.

After that, select the document you want to convert by clicking PDF File and then clicking Open. Make sure you select PDF to Excel. Next, wait until the conversion process is complete and your file is automatically saved. To open the converted to Excel results, select Open Output Folder, yes.

PDF Element

The next software you can try is called PDF Element. Through this application, you can make conversions without being connected to the internet, sophisticated, right? Make sure to install the application first, yes. Next, open it and select the Open File option.

Then, find the document you want to convert, then click PDF File and select Open. Look for the Convert option again on the menu bar, and add a description of To Excel, then click Continue. Don’t forget to specify a storage folder location. Finally, select Save and wait for the conversion to complete before clicking the Finish option.

Foxit Reader

Convert PDF in this way is quite unique compared to the previous methods. The application can be obtained free of charge via the official website. The difference is, for this application, you have to open the PDF file first and copy and paste the contents of the document by selecting the Home tab, Select, then Select Text again or press CTRL + A.

If all the text has been copied, run Microsoft Excel and click Paste or Paste Keep Source Formatting for a cleaner result according to the original format. And, finally, select Save.

Via Copy Paste

This seems to be the most common method, where you just need to select all the text in the PDF file and paste it into a new Excel file.

This is quite a powerful way if you have a tablet with not too many columns because you will be making adjustments to the cell locations to match the original format. Here’s how.

  • Open the PDF file that you want to include in the Sheet.
  • Make a selection on a table.
  • Open the Microsoft Excel application, then open a new Spreadsheet file.
  • Paste the copied table into it.
  • You will notice that the format in Excel does not match the one in PDF. Make edits to make the columns and rows look like the original.
  • Save the file in XLS format and you have successfully converted from PDF to XLS.

Of course, although this method does not require additional applications, this manual method will be quite troublesome if there are a large number of tablets that need to be copied. The advantage is that you don’t need to install anything and don’t need an internet connection.

Using Able2Extract Software

The previous method might get you in trouble if the file is large and doesn’t have adequate internet speed. Well, this method could be right for you, because it relies on an application that only needs to be installed once.

  • Download the Able2Extract application via this link.
  • Install the application on your PC.
  • Open the Able2Extract application and click Open, select the PDF file to convert.
  • On the right sidebar, there is a Selection section. Click on Select all.
  • On the Convert tab, you can select the Excel menu to convert a PDF file to Excel.
  • Two options will appear, namely Automatic and Custom. If you want the format exactly the same as the original PDF file, select the Automatic option by clicking Convert. The Custom option requires you to make further adjustments to the table structure.
  • Select a storage directory and click the Save button.

Try opening the XLSX file that was saved earlier. Guaranteed, the results will be similar to the No. 2 earlier, maintain the authenticity of the table format so that it is not different from the original. Now, the table can be used as a reference for other sheets using the formulas you need. It’s quite unfortunate, for the trial version, you are limited to only converting a maximum of three pages in one go.

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How to Convert PDF to Excel file is not as difficult as it seems, right? There are already a wide variety of applications and sites that provide conversion services without sacrificing formatting. Provided, don’t forget to make an OCR version of the PDF file you want to convert. If not, the resulting Excel file might only display images that cannot be edited at all.


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