Control Android Smartphone from Computer

How to Control Android Smartphones from Computer

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Control an Android smartphone directly from a personal computer or laptop can now be done easily through the following applications. If we usually control the computer, this time it’s the opposite.

By controlling the smartphone remotely, it certainly makes it easier for users to access the smartphone without having to touch it. Moreover, this application can be downloaded for free and can be run on an Android smartphone that has not been rooted.

The trick is to simply download the TeamViewer QuickSupport application on Android, and the TeamViewer software on the computer. Then install as usual on both devices.

control android phone from pc via wifi


control android phone from pc usb

Open the TeamViewer Support application on Android until you get a special code. Then open the TeamViewer software and enter the code on the smartphone in the Partner ID column. If you have selected Remote control and click the Connect button.

When clicking the Connect button, the smartphone can automatically be controlled from the computer. Due to using Internet access, you may experience a slight delay during use.

control android phone from pc over internet

Such is an easy way to remote Android from a computer. To do the opposite, simply download the TeamViewer Android application and enter the code and password that appears on the TeamViewer computer software.