How to Connect your AirPods to an Android Phone

How to Connect your AirPods to an Android Phone

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As many know, Apple has always designed all of its products, including AirPods, to only be compatible with Apple products. But for Android users, there is no need to worry, because there is a trick to connect AirPods to Android phones.

Indeed, Apple devices are designed not to run on the Android ecosystem. This has become Apple’s policy that is very strict about the security of its devices.

However, unlike the iPhone and Apple Watch which are completely unusable on Android devices, Android users still have the option of being able to connect AirPods and AirPods Pro to their Android phones.

There is a trick you can do so that Apple’s wireless stereo earbuds (TWS) can be connected to Android phones. You don’t have to change handsets to enjoy music from the world’s best and most popular TWS.

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But before starting the steps in the tips that we provide, it is important to know that when you connect AirPods to an Android phone, some features may not work.

For example, you won’t be able to see the battery status of your AirPods and their charging case by default from your Android phone. Then you also won’t receive the extensive gesture support that Apple has provided for iOS users.

But we don’t think it’s too much of a problem, because most of the features for listening to music you can still run. Well, here’s How to Connect your AirPods to an Android Phone:

How to Connect Airpods to Android

how to connect airpods to android
  • Enable Bluetooth on your Android phone by going to Settings.
  • Open the AirPods case cover, then press and hold the white button on the back until you see the white flashing status light.
  • Now, go to Settings > Connections > Bluetooth on your Android phone.
  • Then you should see the AirPods appear in the list of available devices. Due to the heterogeneity of the Android ecosystem, Bluetooth settings may be available under Settings > Connected Devices or directly under the Settings menu (depending on the device you are using and with the operating system/custom UI on top).
  • Tap the name of the AirPods you paired with your phone to pair the two devices.
  • Once connected using the steps above, you can use your AirPods with your Android device just like you would with TWS earbuds or any other Bluetooth headphones.

This means you won’t have to follow the same procedure every time you want to listen to music through your AirPods. Henceforth, you will see AirPods in the list of devices paired on your phone.

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So that was How to Connect your AirPods to an Android Phone. You can also apply these tips to connecting AirPods Pro to Android devices. Good luck.

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