How to Connect Mobile Phone to Laptop

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Actually, how to connect a phone to a laptop is very easy, one of which can be via a data cable. Here you can move files on your phone to your laptop so that your phone memory is more spacious.

You can also connect the internet from phone to laptop in this way but in a different way. Now, the easiest way to connect your internet phone to a laptop can be done by using the hotspot feature available on smartphone devices.

How to connect a hotspot phone to a laptop is also known as tethering, and is the most effective option if the Wifi connection connected to the laptop suddenly drops.

How to tethering a phone to a laptop is also very easy and can be done quickly. In addition, how to connect the internet from a phone to a laptop can also use a USB cable.

And you can say this method is the most stable. With a data cable, you can get better internet.

For more details, here is a review of how to connect a phone to a laptop and how to connect the internet from a phone to a laptop or PC, using either a cable or a hotspot:

How to Connect Mobile Phone to Laptop

how to connect laptop internet to mobile

The easiest way How to Connect Mobile Phone to Laptop is to use a data cable. This process is done to transfer files from cellphones to laptops and vice versa, here are the steps:

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Prepare a data cable (USB)

  • Plug the end of the cable into the cellphone and laptop according to the port
  • On a cellphone, swipe the screen from top to bottom
  • Click ‘change this device via USB’ then select ‘file transfer’
  • Then on your laptop or PC, open explorer then look for your phone model

After that, you can move or transfer files from phone to laptop or vice versa.

How to Connect Internet phone to Laptop

how to connect mobile hotspot to laptop

1. Via USB Cable

Before doing this step, make sure the Android phone you are going to use has subscribed to an internet data package and has been detected on the PC / laptop.

If not, you should first install the driver according to the mobile brand you are using, how to:

  • Connect your Android phone to a computer or laptop via a USB port
  • Open Settings – Wireless and Networks. For Samsung cellphone users, select the Tethering and Portable Hotspot option then activate USB Tethering
  • Wait until the signed active appears Tethered

After successful, check the device whether your PC or laptop can use the internet connection by clicking on the network icon on the PC (located in the lower right corner near the clock).

If you succeed in making your phone as a modem, you will see the words Network Internet Access.

2. Via WiFi

Apart from using USB, how to connect a hotspot phone
to the laptop is by Tethering.

You could say this step is the easiest step because you only need to prepare a data package and a long battery. For the steps, just follow the following method:

  • Enter the settings and then tap the Connection or other networks
  • Then select Tethering and portable hotspot
  • Turn on the Android wifi Hotspot

The most important thing, you have to name the Network / Security select WPA2-PSK, and also the password / then Save.

  • After that, turn on the wireless on the laptop, check if the connection is successful
  • If the ID is read, then click connect
  • After that Enter the Security key or password

Those are the steps to connect the internet from phone to laptop. We remind you again to make sure your phone battery is still quite a lot because using Android as a modem makes the phone battery run out quickly.

3. Via Bluetooth

After the two methods above, there is one more way that can make it easier for you to provide an internet connection on a laptop or computer via Android.

You can use a Bluetooth connection as a wireless network bridge for sharing the internet.

In the Android operating system, there are 2 internet sharing features that can be used, namely via WiFi and Bluetooth. How:

  • Turn on the Bluetooth network on the Android phone
  • Enter the settings or settings
  • Next, go to the Network menu and look for the ‘Tethering & Hotspot Portable’ feature then tap into that option
  • Once logged in, tick the option ‘Bluetooth tethering’

For other cellphones that want to join the Bluetooth hotspot from your cellphone, of course, you have to activate the tethering feature via Bluetooth on their cellphone.

With the simple cellphone connection to the laptop above, you don’t need to have trouble sharing the internet even though the Wifi network on one of the devices is unavailable or damaged.

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Using Bluetooth is also just as easy, although the speed will not be as high as using wifi.

That’s a review of How to Connect Mobile Phone to Laptop and how to connect an internet phone to a laptop or PC. Hopefully, the method above can be useful!