How To Connect Android Phone To TV With or Without HDMI Cable

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Do you know that your Android phone can be connected to a TV? How To Connect Android Phone To TV? Coincidence that we will discuss in this article.

Usually, the purpose of connecting the cellphone to the TV is to play games, watch streaming movies from Youtube, Netflix, etc.

For browsing purposes? Yes, it’s even better because the screen is bigger. Guaranteed to be satisfied. Then how, how to display the Android screen on this TV? We have wired and wireless methods.

It should be noted, How To Connect Android Phone To TV that we do is using an ASUS, Samsung, Xiaomi cellphone. But you can also try it with other brands of cellphones, so take it easy. Come on, try it!

Preparation Connecting an Android Phone to a TV

The preparation that needs to be done to connect the cellphone to the TV for the first time is to find out in advance about the specifications of the Android and TV that will be used.

For those of you who want to connect your phone to your TV without cables, make sure the Miracast feature is available on your Android phone and TV. Meanwhile, to connect an Android cellphone to a TV, you must see the availability of the video output port on an Android cellphone and know the type of port used.

To try it, make sure your smartphone is using at least Android OS 4.2 Jelly Bean and above, which is already equipped with the default Miracast feature. Some of them have different names such as on the Samsung Galaxy cellphone which names it with All Share or Samsung Link.

While on Android phones most of the Miracast features are called “Wireless display”. If your Android phone is confirmed to have the Miracast feature, now is the time to look at support for these features on your TV device.

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If the TV in your house doesn’t have Miracast, then you need to buy an additional dongle. If you have done the above preparations, now is the time to connect your Android phone to the TV.

There are three options that you can use on how to connect an Android phone to a TV, including:

  1. How To Connect Android Phone To TV with Cable
  2. How To Connect Android Phone To TV without cables
  3. How To Connect Android Phone To TV wirelessly in another way

For an explanation of 3 ways to connect phone to a TV, you can see below:

How To Connect Android Phone To TV with Cable

how to connect phone to tv with usb cable

To connect the phone to the TV in this way no TV out application is required. You only need to provide cables, but not just any cables.

Check what type of cable ends with the port on your Android phone. Pay attention to the two types of cables below which one suits your cellphone.

  • Micro HDMI to HDMI cable
  • MHL cable which has two connectors, Micro USB to HDMI.
  • Also, make sure your Android phone supports the MHL feature

Steps or how to connect an Android phone to a TV using a cable connection:

  • Turn off your TV first by pressing the on/off button.
  • Connect the TV to the Android phone by inserting the flat end of the cable into the smartphone.
  • The large end you plug into the TV socket reads HDMI.
  • Turn your TV back on and switch the channel to the HDMI option.
  • Switching to cellphone, please check the option that says “HDMI Connection”.
  • Make sure your cellphone is not in lock mode so it’s easier to set it up.
  • Now, you can see the screen on your Android phone on TV.
  • You can move it to landscape orientation to fit the TV screen area and it is more comfortable to see.

How to Connect Hp to TV Without Cable

how to connect phone to tv wirelessly

To connect your android phone to your TV without cables, you can use the Miracast or Wireless Display feature on your smartphone. Before starting, please check the availability of the Miracast feature on your cellphone and TV. If your TV doesn’t have this feature, you can buy a Miracast dongle or receiver.

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How to connect a cellphone to a TV (Smart TV), of course, varies. The following methods may suit the TV you have:

1. Based on the TV brand

LG Smart TV

  • On the remote control press Home
  • Select Network
  • Click Miracast, enable, or “ON”-enable.
  • The TV will scan, immediately activate Miracast on your cellphone or tablet

Samsung Smart TV

  • On the remote control press the Source button
  • Select Screen Mirroring
  • The TV will scan other devices for connection. Scan time 2 minutes.
  • Immediately activate Miracast on your cellphone or tablet before the 2 minute time runs out.

Sony Smart TV

  • On the remote control press the INPUT button
  • Use the up and down buttons to select Screen mirroring, then press OK
  • The TV is in a stand-by position and waiting for a connection from a smartphone or tablet device

The process continues by opening Settings on an Android phone. Usually, the settings on an Android phone vary, depending on what brand you are using. But no need to worry, because we will explain it by phone brand.

2. Based on Smartphone Brand

ASUS Phone

  • Settings> In the Wireless and network section click More …
  • Click Play to
  • A pop up “Select device” appears. There is the name of your Smart TV then clicked


  • Settings> Wireless and Networks> More Settings> Allshare Cast
  • In the Connect and Share section, click Screen Mirroring
  • Your smart TV name will appear in the list. Click the smart TV name for the connection.
  • If successful, the cellphone screen will appear on your smart TV screen.


  • Click Settings> Click More …
  • Click Wireless Display
  • On the Wireless Display page, activate it by sliding the virtual switch position to the ON position.
  • Wait a few moments for your Smart TV to appear. If it appears, click on your smart TV

LG Optimus

  • Settings> In the Wireless & Network section click More
  • Click Miracast, wait a moment for your smart TV name to appear, then click click on the smart TV


  • Settings> in the Device section click Display> Wireless Display
  • Turn ON the right button Wireless Display to activate the Miracast feature
  • Wait a few moments until your smart TV name appears in the Devices List
  • Then click the smart TV name


  • Settings> In the Devices section, click Display> Wireless Display
  • Click the button to the right of Wireless Display to activate it
  • Wait a moment until the smart TV name appears in the Pairing devices section, then click the name of your smart TV


  • On the Menu click Settings
  • In the Device section, click Display> Cast screen
  • On the menu icon click More
  • Click on the box next to “Enable wireless display” to activate it
  • Wait a few moments until your smart TV name appears, then click
  • After a few moments, a list of Miracast networks from the TV or dongle will appear
  • After pressing the appropriate Miracast network, the Android phone will stabilize the connection and you can see all the displays on the screen on the TV.

How to Connect Hp to TV Without Cable in Other Ways

how to connect phone to tv with hdmi cord

1. All share

The All Share or Samsung Link feature is available on the Samsung Galaxy series. This feature allows you to share the screen wirelessly between your phone and TV with just one click.

2. Wi-Di

Similar to Miracast, Wi-Di or Intel Wireless Display is a form of Intel’s support for Miracast technology for laptop or PC devices. If you don’t want to use an Android cellphone, you can use a Windows-based laptop and take advantage of Wi-Di.

3. AirPlay

If you are an iPhone user, you can also use the AirPlay feature which is another form of Miracast. AirPlay itself is devoted to Apple and Mac-based products only.

4. Chromecast

Chromecast is a special tool from Google that can be used to enjoy an internet connection and stream multimedia content. At first glance, this tool is indeed similar to Miracast.

However, Chromecast is not used for screen mirroring, more focused on using internet access or streaming multimedia. For those of you who don’t have a smart TV yet, Chromecast is one of the must-have tools.

You can do the steps below to connect your Chromecast to your TV:

  • Please download and install the Chromecast application from the Google Play Store on your Android phone.
  • Take advantage of the local Wi-Fi network by activating the Wi-Fi feature on your phone.
  • Switch your TV channel to HDMI using the remote control.
  • In the last step, you will be asked to enter the code that appears on the TV screen via the Chromecast application for the sync process.

5. Use an HDMI cable

The next How To Connect Android Phone To TV is to use an HDMI cable. This method is very easy to do because you only need to connect the port to the port on the HDMI cable.

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But, what must be considered is the cable, namely, use a micro HDMI to HDMI connector cable. Micro HDMI will be plugged into your phone and a large HDMI will be plugged into the TV. Generally, TVs that have HDMI ports are the latest flat TVs.

6. Use Miracast

Miracast Dongle kits can be purchased at major computer stores near your home.

If you already have Miracast, you can directly connect this device wirelessly between your cellphone and TV. But, there is one note, both HP and TV devices must also support the Miracast device.

More Satisfied with Big Screen

The drawback of seeing the display on a smartphone is its small size so that there are several activities such as watching videos that require a bigger screen to be watched bigger.

By connecting the android phone to the TV above, you can see the bigger screen of the cellphone easily and quickly. Good luck, yes!