How to Connect a Phone to a TV

How to Connect a Phone to a TV on Android or iOS

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How to Connect a Phone to a TV – For millennials today, watching is the most important thing to fill their spare time. Moreover, when the pandemic season spreads, all activities are limited; both indoors and outdoors activities. The shortcut is they prefer to be quiet and watch their cellphone screen just to surf the internet and watch.

However, sometimes viewing pictures from the internet or watching on a cellphone or tablet screen is still not satisfied because the screen size is relatively small and makes your eyes hurt if you focus on the screen for too long; so many ends up connecting their devices to television screens which generally have screens that tend to be wider.

For some smart devices, generally, they already have built-in applications that are compatible with television screens according to the brand. But there are also some devices that use third-party apps to connect your devices to the TV screen. For How to Connect a Phone to a TV, the usage is different, let’s see how!

How to Connect a Phone to a TV

Screen Mirroring Apple

how to connect phone to tv with usb cable

This feature is a built-in feature that is embedded in your Apple device. To activate it, you must have an Apple TV because this is the only television that is compatible with the screen mirroring feature found on the iPhone, iPad, or other Apple products. For how to use it, you can say it’s very easy.

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How to use:

  • Open your Apple device (here using an iPhone). Then slide the screen down until there are many banner options as a shortcut to the setting. In the middle, you will find a shaded glass button. Those are the Screen Mirroring options.
  • Click the Screen Mirroring option and turn on your Apple TV. Then your device will scan the Apple TV.
  • Click select Apple TV with a WiFi connection that is connected to your Apple device and Apple TV as well.
  • Screen Mirroring will be active
  • You can watch your favorite shows on the screen of the device to the television screen.


how to connect phone to tv wirelessly

For Apple product users who want to connect their device to a television screen, you can use the AirPlay feature found on Apple TV or other compatible Smart TV brands. Users can stream videos, share photos, and watch through this feature. Download the application here

How to use it is also quite easy;

  • Connect the device with a WiFI network that is also connected to an Apple TV or Smart TV that is compatible with the AirPlay feature.
  • Click the ‘mirror’ menu button on your device when you are ready to start the video or movie you want to play.
  • Select an Apple TV or Smart TV that is already connected to the same WiFi connection as the WiFI connection installed on your device.
  • Done! AirPlay will be connected and now your device can be seen on the television screen
  • To finish the AirPlay feature, tap the ‘mirror’ menu again; that way the connection will stop.

Wireless Display (Miracast)

If you are an Android user; such as Samsung, Xiaomi, ASUS, and others; You can use the Wireless Display feature that is already embedded in your Android device. The terms for using this feature are; Your device must support Android 4.2 and above which is equipped with Miracast. Samsung brands usually name it with the All Share or Samsung Link feature.

How to use it;

  • Turn on your Smart TV first. If your Smart TV is a Samsung brand, all you have to do is press the Source button from the remote.
  • Select Screen Mirroring, the TV will automatically scan to connect with your All Share / Miracast
  • Not your Android device; here an example is Samsung. Select the Settings menu> Wireless and Networks> More Settings> Allshare Cast.
  • In the Connect and Share option, click Screen Mirroring. After success, the name of your Smart TV will appear; then click to activate the feature.
  • Now the screen on your device will move to the television screen. Please watch or see the gallery of your photos and videos with your family and friends.


how to watch movies from phone to tv without hdmi

The Castto application is a third party application commonly used by users to perform Screen Mirroring to watch streaming videos, view galleries, watch favorite movies from the device to the television screen. How to use it is not too difficult. Tends to be almost the same as operating a Wireless Display. The condition is that your Smart TV supports the Miracast application too. Download the application here

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  • Make sure your device and Smart TV are both connected to the same WiFi network so they can be connected to each other
  • Activate Miracast on your Smart TV
  • Also activate the Castto feature on your device, once activated, both your device and TV will scan each other for the Castto and Miracast applications.
  • Once connected, select your Smart TV
  • If the above steps are followed correctly, then your device screen will appear on the Smart TV screen.


how to connect samsung phone to tv

This application can be used for iOS and Android users; but for Android users, your device must support Android 5.0 to be able to run this feature.

The use of the ApowerMirror application is the same as other third-party applications that allow you to connect the contents of your device to a large television screen; so as to make users feel satisfied to watch or view photos and videos. Download the application here

How to use it is very simple!

  • First, connect the same WiFi connection on your device and your Smart TV.
  • Activate the ApowerMirror feature on your device and select the Smart TV that appears in the application.
  • If your WiFi network is stable, your device screen and Smart TV will be connected directly
  • You can immediately watch your favorite movie!
  • To disable the ApowerMirror feature, you can just click log off.

This ApowerMirror feature allows you to capture screenshots too and can be controlled with the keyboard and mouse if our device’s screen is not responsive.

HDMI cable

how to connect phone to tv with hdmi

This last step is considered the easiest step because it uses an HDMI cable that is connected from the device to your TV. Even though it’s not a Smart TV, as long as there is an HDMI port, you can do screen mirroring.

It’s just that this step is considered very ancient; because the device is deemed too small to hold a cable as heavy as an HDMI cable and looks messy. HDMI cables are usually only used for meeting purposes that connect the projector to the screen at work or school. As for watching, it is rarely used.

That’s How to Connect a Phone to a TV on Android or iOS. You can use the built-in features of each device or download third-party applications that you can get on the Google Play Store for Android users and the Apple Store for Apple users.

Hopefully, this information can help you readers of Weblogue. Oh yes, if you have another good screen mirroring application that can be a recommendation, write it in the comments column!

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