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How to Compress Video on Android, iPhone, and PC

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How to Compress Video Without Losing Quality, you must know. Especially when you want to save your favorite videos, but the storage memory of your devices such as Android phones, laptops, to iPhones, has almost reached its maximum limit.

During a pandemic like today, one of the activities that are usually done to overcome boredom is to download movies on free sites or watch your favorite video collections.

It’s just that, the more you store your favorite videos, movies, or TV series, it will overload the internal storage capacity of the device. Instead of deleting it, it’s best to just reduce the video size to free up space on your device’s memory.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t always compress the video size on Android, iPhone, or laptop, or PC, it will reduce the quality. This is of course thanks to the sophistication of today’s software that is free to use for free.

Well, on this occasion, we will share How to Compress Video on Android, iPhone, and PC without reducing the quality. Curious? Let’s see how below!

How To Make Video Files Smaller Without Losing Quality

How to Compress Videos on Android

compress video for whatsapp

The first way to compress video size that we share applies to Android phones. One of the best Android apps to compress videos is Video Compress which is available for free on Google Play Store.

Curious about how to compress videos without reducing the quality on Android? Here’s the complete guide:

  • First, download the Video Compress application on the Google Play Store by clicking this link.
  • Allow the app to gain access to the phone’s internal storage.
  • If so, several folders appear. Select the folder containing the videos you want to compress in size in this easy way.
  • Next, select the video you want to compress. Then, press the Compress Video button.
  • There are three quality options, High Quality, Low Quality, and Custom. If you want to compress videos on Android without lowering the quality, just choose High Quality.
  • Well, there are a few more quality options. Choose according to your wishes, because there are several resolution options and the latest file sizes.
  • Wait a few moments until the video compression process is complete

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How to Compress Video Size on iPhone

best video compressor

Next is how to compress videos on iPhone. No need for jailbreak or complicated steps, here’s a complete way:

  • First, download the VidCompress application on the App Store.
  • If so, open the application and select the Compress button.
  • Then, select the videos you want to compress on your iPhone in an easy way. Then, press OK.
  • Select the Download button in the upper right corner and wait for the video compression process to finish.
  • Unfortunately, in this application, there is no option that allows users to choose the desired video quality. But don’t worry, the quality is not significantly reduced.

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How to Reduce Video Size on Laptop/PC

video size converter online

Third, there is a way to compress videos on a laptop or PC. In this tip, we use the HandBrake app which is available to you free of charge. Here’s the guide:

  • Download and install the HandBrake application from this site.
  • Open the application, then press the File button on the Source Selection to select the video you want to compress. You can also drag & drop videos into the app directly.
  • Select the Video tab, then set the Constant Quality as desired. You can also set it according to the image we uploaded below.
  • Then, select a video storage destination in the Save As section.
  • Click the Start Encode button at the very top and wait for the process to complete.

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How to Compress Videos Without an App

Well, if you are lazy to download the video compress application on Android, iPhone, or laptop/PC, you can use the method of compressing videos without an application.

Here, we use a website called Clideo. This site makes it easy for you to reduce the video size without compromising the quality. Here’s how to compress video size without an app:

  • Access the Clideo site via your mobile browser or your PC/laptop.
  • Upload the video you want to compress. The upload process depends on the internet speed and the size of the video.
  • If you have, Clideo will automatically compress the video. Here, you just press the Download button to save it.
  • However, there are some drawbacks on this site. Compressed videos have a watermark, and you have to pay around USD 9 per month to get them removed.
  • However, the compressed video quality is not significantly reduced.

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That’s how to compress videos easily and without reducing the quality on Android, iPhone, to PC/laptop.

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