How To Compress A PDF

How To Compress A PDF & Reduce Its File Size Online or Offline

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During a pandemic like this, the existence of online internet media is really very helpful, because from anywhere we can still complete office work such as the WFH program in early March. And not only work but lectures are also done online or online.

And of course, there are many ways to send the results of our work online. Maybe some offices and companies, already have their own system and also have their own server to manage every office activity. And every work must of course be sent in the form of a file, which is sent directly via email or through the send file or attachment feature via WhatsApp and other applications.

Not only work, but school assignments and lectures are also often requested in the form of files to be sent to teachers or lecturers. And usually, the most commonly requested file format is the PDF file format.

But it doesn’t mean that we can send files of work and school or college assignments. Large file sizes are often an obstacle, always “FAILED” in sending our report files or assignments. Therefore, you must reduce the size of the pdf file first so that the delivery is fast and does not always fail.

In addition, the small PDF file size also allows the recipient to download quickly. Another advantage is that the small PDF file size can also save data when sending (uploading) or downloading it.

So How To Compress A PDF & Reduce Its File Size? You can shrink pdf files online or offline. So before you send the file you compress the pdf file. There are many applications that you can use and also many online sites that you can use to reduce the size of a pdf file. But we will discuss by utilizing the site as a medium for this. Because apart from being online, the site also provides an application for the offline version.

How to Compress your PDF document online

  • Prepare a pdf file that you will compress or reduce its size.
  • Go to the site:
  • Click the “CHOOSE FILES” button. Then browse to the pdf file that you want to reduce, then click OK (open).
  • Then wait for the process of uploading your pdf file
  • Then the Basic Compression and Pro Compression options will appear. The difference is that the Basic Compression file will be compressed by 40% and you don’t need to register. While Pro Compression, the file will be reduced to 75% but you have to register first.
  • The last is to download the results.

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The following are the steps to reduce the size of a PDF file online in the form of images

The first step

how to reduce pdf file size

Second Step

how to reduce pdf file size without losing quality

Third step

how to reduce pdf file size mac

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Here’s How to Reduce PDF File Size Offline

  • First of all, download and install the Smallpdf application – Compress PDF file trial version on
  • After you install, run the Smallpdf application (can be offline).
  • Press the Compress menu.
  • Select the file you want to compress.
  • Set the compressed folder by clicking the Save to the menu.
  • Then click the “Compress Files” button in the lower corner.

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how to reduce pdf file size in laptop

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