How to Combine PDF Files into One

How to Combine PDF Files into One

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How to Combine PDF Files into One – PDF format (Portable Document Format) is often a requirement for document formats to be uploaded when participating in a job vacancy registration or a registration because PDF is considered safer from virus attacks and also the file is lighter than other formats. other.

How to merge PDF files

But sometimes we have trouble converting a document into a pdf or combining separate ones. Don’t worry because now there are lots of tools that can help us manage pdf files. Including merging separate pdf files into one file.

So in this tutorial, we will give you a guide. Where the method that we will share does not use additional applications so that it does not increase the burden on your mobile memory. This method is done online. Like how, please refer to the guide below.

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On the internet, there are lots of websites managing pdf files, starting from editing, merging, splitting, and so on. So if what we need now is to combine, please refer to the following guide.

  • Please open the Ilovepdf website
  • Then click the Select Pdf File menu
How can I combine PDF files into one for free?
  • Then select several pdf files to be combined by pressing them
  • Then everything will go to the Ilovepdf website
  • And then all you have to do is click Merge PDF, please wait for the process
How do you combine multiple PDF into one?
  • Next, just click Download Merge PDF and the pdf files have been merged into one

There are many other ways that you can use including using other applications or websites. But I think using this method is enough if you only want to combine pdf files. In addition, the resulting pdf file is also not reduced in quality.

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That’s How to Combine PDF Files into One, good luck!

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