How to Clear Recent Search History on Twitter

How to Clear Recent Search History on Twitter

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How to Clear Recent Search History on Twitter? The search feature on Twitter is very useful when you want to search for names, tags, or others on social media. The results of this search feature will later be stored in your Twitter history to make it easier to find the same thing next time.

But unfortunately, if you search too much, the history on Twitter will pile up. So that it can annoy you when using Twitter.

Then whether Twitter history can be deleted? The answer is of course you can, so here I will explain the complete guide to deleting Twitter history.

Deleting search history on Twitter is divided into 2 ways. It could be through the Twitter application on mobile or the site on the desktop. I will explain these two methods later.

So you can choose for yourself which method you want to use. So that it’s not too long, just pay attention to how to delete search history on Twitter below:

How to Clear Twitter Search History on Desktop or Mobile

Delete search history (username, topic, etc.) Twitter on Mobile

how to delete twitter search suggestions

First I will explain how to delete search history on the Twitter Android or iOS application. If you want to use this method, it’s actually quite simple.

You only need to enter the Twitter search feature. Then tap the “x” icon next to the words “Recent”, to clear search history. To be more clear, let’s immediately follow the steps.

  1. Please open the Twitter application on your cellphone first.
  2. Then go to the search tab, then tap the “Search on Twitter” column.
  3. All search history will be seen here. Tap the “x” icon to the right of “Recent” to start deleting it.
  4. Then a dialog box will appear, here select the Delete option to confirm deleting Twitter search history.
  5. For example, successful, your Twitter search field will be empty as shown below.
  6. Done.

I tried this method for the Twitter Android application. If you use the Twitter iOS application, the method is the same. There may only be adjustments to some of the menu names and layouts.

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Delete search history (username, topic, etc.) Twitter on Laptop/Computer

Meanwhile, if you often use Twitter on the desktop, you can also delete search history. The method is also as easy as deleting Twitter search history on the mobile application.

In more detail, you can immediately pay attention to the following method:

  • First, you can open and log in as usual.
  • On your homepage, click the Explore menu.
how to delete twitter search suggestions iphone
  • Then click the Search field on Twitter and select the Delete All menu.
delete twitter search suggestions reddit
  • A dialog box will appear later, please click the Clear button to delete all search history on Twitter.
delete twitter search suggestions android
  • If successful, your search history on Twitter will be empty.
how to clear twitter suggestions
  • Finished.

Benefits of deleting Twitter search history

If you are one of those people who rarely delete search history on Twitter before, then you will benefit after deleting it.

Here are some benefits of deleting Twitter search history:

  • The appearance of the search feature on Twitter will look neater.
  • You can be more daring to look for whatever you want without being afraid to leave a trace because you can delete it whenever you want.
  • And other benefits that you may know after deleting it.

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That’s my discussion about how to delete search history on Twitter. If you have something to ask, just send it in the comments below.

Don’t hesitate to share this article if you find it useful. See your next writing.

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