How to Clear Cache in Google Chrome

How to Clear Cache in Google Chrome (2022)

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How to Clear Cache in Google Chrome is very useful for those of you who want to clean your Chrome browser from traces of previous browsing history. The following is a tutorial that the team has compiled for Google Chrome users.

Clearing the cache on Chrome can also lighten Google Chrome’s load when opening other sites.

A cache is a temporary storage place for an online file that has been accessed before. The process for storing such files is called caching.

There are many types of cache, but the one closest to you as an internet user is the cache in the browser.

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When you use the Google Chrome browser, the browser will store some information from the site in the cache and cookies. Removing it will fix certain issues, such as loading or formatting issues on the site.

How to Clear the Cache in Google Chrome

how to clear cache on iphone

Well, here is how to clear Chrome cache easily:

  • Open your Chrome Browser app
  • At the top right, select the three-dot menu
  • Select the More Tools menu
  • Then select the Clear Browsing Data sub-menu
  • There are two tabs that you can choose from: Basic and Advanced. By default, Chrome has selected a safe option for you to delete in the Basic menu. Next select Time range: All time, Last 4 weeks, Last 7 days, Last 24 hours, and Last hour
  • Then, select Clear data
  • Wait until it’s finished

That’s how to clear the Chrome cache that you need to know so that your Google Chrome Browser is cleaner and some errors caused by the cache can be fixed.

For websites that require you to log in before, you will be logged out and required to log back in

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Take advantage of How to Clear Cache in Google Chrome for more comfortable browsing. Hopefully, the Google Chrome tutorial above is useful for you.

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