How to Check IMEI iPhone

How to Check IMEI iPhone or Serial Apple for Free

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Before buying an iPhone, it’s a good idea to know How to Check IMEI iPhone so you can tell whether the device is genuine, fake, or reconditioned. That way, you can avoid something that is not desirable.

The reason is, there are quite a lot of reconditioned or replica iPhones on the market. That is why you have to check the IMEI of the iPhone before buying it.

In addition, every iPhone user of course wants to use a device with genuine Apple products and not fake, refurbished, or not what you want.

Basically, checking the iPhone IMEI can be done for all series. Whether it’s the iPhone from the first generation or up to the latest iPhone output.

The iPhone IMEI is a system consisting of a unique 15 digit number stored in Apple data so that it cannot be forged. IMEI or stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity is effective enough to be used to find out whether the device is genuine or fake.

In addition, another advantage of the iPhone IMEI is that it can be used to check the operating system, model, hardware, and other information related to the iPhone product. Apple also enforces the IMEI as a warranty claim.

With the many benefits of the iPhone IMEI, it is a shame if you don’t know How to Check IMEI iPhone. So, make sure to check the IMEI of your iPhone so you can find out its authenticity.

How To Find An iPhone’s IMEI Number

Check the iPhone Body

Knowing the IMEI of the first iPhone is quite easy and fast because you only need to check the back of the iPhone. Even though it’s easy, some people still don’t realize that the IMEI can be seen from the back of the iPhone.

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IPhone Box

apple IMEI check warranty

Same as the first method, but for this method, you have to see it through the iPhone box. At the back of the bottom corner of the iPhone box, you’ll find the iPhone IMEI.

In addition, there also provides other information related to iPhone products such as serial numbers, models, types, and others.

Sim Tray

iPhone serial number check online

The sim tray or often called the sim card slot which functions to place the cellular card turns out to also pin the IMEI there. So, you have to remove the sim tray first so you can see the IMEI of the iPhone.

IPhone Settings

If the previous method is to check physically, the next way to check the IMEI for your iPhone is to access the settings menu. To do this is quite easy because you only need to follow a few steps.

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Here are the steps:

  • Run your iPhone device.
  • Then go to the Settings menu.
  • Enter the General menu and select About.
  • Then the iPhone IMEI will appear.
  • In addition, there is also a serial number, ICCID, MEID, and other information.

Very easy, right? In fact, you only need to go through 4 steps to see the iPhone IMEI.

With Dial Code

iPhone IMEI unlock

Similar to Android, dial codes are also used as a way to check the IMEI on the iPhone. Apple has set up a dial code to make it easier to check the IMEI.

Follow the following guidelines below:

  • Open iPhone so that it is in standby.
  • Access the phone call or dial feature.
  • Type * # 06 # then press call.
  • Then the iPhone IMEI number appears.
  • Take notes if necessary.

Check iPhone IMEI on iTunes

IMEI number iPhone

Loyal iPhone users are certainly familiar with iTunes. The iTunes application is an application that can be used to fill in songs on the iPhone. But another function of iTunes is being able to display the IMEI of iPhone devices.

Here’s how to check iPhone IMEI on iTunes:

  • Install the iTunes application on a computer, laptop, or Mac.
  • Then connect the iPhone device.
  • Run iTunes then click Library.
  • The iPhone data will appear on the screen including the IMEI code.
  • Done.

From the Apple Web

apple serial number check stolen

This method is very effective for those of you who do not have an iPhone device. Even though there is no iPhone device, you can check the IMEI with Apple ID on the web.

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Here’s how to check iPhone IMEI on apple web:

  • Run the web browser application.
  • Then visit the Apple web.
  • Log in using the Apple ID used on the device.
  • Scroll down to the Devices section.
  • Select the device to display the serial number and IMEI MEID.
  • Done.

Well, that’s How to Check IMEI iPhone. Now you know the iPhone IMEI completely and easily.

With many choices of methods, you can adjust it to your needs. Now you don’t need to worry anymore because you can confirm the original iPhone or not.

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