How To Change Your Facebook Name

How To Change Your Facebook Name on Mobile or PC

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How To Change Your Facebook Name on Mobile or PC? Since when have you been active on Facebook?

The name of the social media account is one of the identities so that it is easier for others to find our existence on social media. In addition, the name on your profile can be a reference that Facebook uses when you have problems with your account so you need identity verification.

So if your Facebook name is your full name, then in addition to making it easier for other users to find your account, it also makes it easier for you if one day you need to verify your identity.

If your name on Facebook is still not your real name, you should immediately change it.

Here we will discuss How To Change Your Facebook Name on Mobile or PC.

How to change your name on Facebook

Changing the profile name in the Facebook app

how to change name on facebook app
  1. Open the Facebook application on your respective smartphone.
  2. On the Facebook home page, please tap the “three-line icon” in the upper right corner to bring up the menu options.
  3. Once on the options page, please scroll down. Open the “settings and privacy” menu, then enter the “Settings” menu.
  4. Once on the settings page, go to the “Personal information” menu in the account settings section.
  5. After that you will be taken to your profile information page as below. Tap the “Name” section to change the name.
  6. After that you will be taken to the name filling page. Fill in your new name here, if you have to tap “Review changes”.
  7. After that, a choice of names will appear to be displayed on your profile, just choose one. After that, Fill in your account password, then tap “Save Changes”.
  8. Done. After you save the changes, then your name on Facebook should have been successfully changed.

You can open your profile to see the results. If it hasn’t changed, try refreshing or reloading the profile page.

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How to Change Facebook name on computer or PC

how to change name on facebook on iphone
  1. Log in to your respective Facebook account on your laptop or PC browser.
  2. If you have, tap the “inverted triangle icon” to bring up the menu options. Select the “Settings” menu.
  3. You will be taken to the general account settings page as below. Click the “Edit” button under your name settings.
  4. After that, the account name change column page will appear as below. Please enter the name according to your identity card. If so, click “Review Changes”.
  5. On the review page, you can choose the name that will appear on Facebook, whether the full name or only part of it. Select one.
  6. After selecting a name, fill in your password in the column provided, then click “Save changes”.
  7. Done.

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Read before you change your name on Facebook

Before you save or update your Facebook name, make sure you are sure of the name you will use. Why?

  1. You have to wait at least 60 days or 2 months to change your name again. This has become a policy/rule of Facebook.
  2. Sometimes you are asked for verification. Actually, the steps for verification are quite easy, you only need to send/upload a photo of your identity card. This is a policy from Facebook, perhaps the goal is to prevent fraud on social media, Facebook in particular.
  3. You cannot use cool symbols/fonts in the name field. Now you can’t use names with fancy symbols or fonts. This means that you can only use reasonable names.

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