How to Change the Font Style on Instagram

How to Change the Font Style on Instagram

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You must have seen the bio on someone’s Instagram profile wearing a unique font and wondering how to make an IG bio with a cool font? No need to worry, you will find the answer in this article on How to Change the Font Style on Instagram.

In the Instagram profile edit menu, there is no option to set the font to be used in the Instagram bio. You can only use the default font from your mobile device to write on your Instagram account.

But that doesn’t mean using other fonts for your Instagram account is impossible because many Instagram accounts people already use different fonts than usual.

How to change the font on Instagram is actually a fairly easy job. You just have to search for what font you want to use on your Instagram.

There are several ways to find fonts for your Instagram, using or without an application. For more details on How to Change the Font Style on Instagram, let’s read more in the following article below.

How to Change Font Style in Instagram

How do you get different fonts on Instagram bio?

There are several websites that serve you to change regular fonts into more attractive fonts. So, just use the browser on your cellphone to change the font on Instagram.

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Here’s how to make unique fonts on Instagram:

  • Open a browser application on your phone.
  • Then go to the website
  • When the website opens, select Fancy text from the options provided.
  • Write down what you want in the column provided.
  • When you write text in that column, several unique fonts will appear at the bottom.
  • Click the Copy button to copy the text with the font you want.
  • Finally, edit the bio on your Instagram account, then paste the text that you copied.

So, how to change the font in the Instagram bio is pretty easy, right? You only need to take a few steps to be able to change the font in your Instagram bio to make it more interesting and different from the others.

How to Change Fonts on Instagram With App

If you think how to change the Instagram font without the application described above is too complicated, you can use the second method. In the second method, you have to install a special font application first to be able to change the font on Instagram.

How to change the font on Instagram, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Google play store application on your Android device.
  • Find and install an application called Fonts for Instagram – Cool Text, Fancy Font Styles.
  • Open the application, then tap GET STARTED to start the application.
  • Tap the menu and then select the type of font you want.
  • Type in the bio for your Instagram, then tap the Copy button at the bottom.
  • Open the Instagram application, and paste the text that you copied.

You can use any type of font you want in the application for free.

Change Instagram Bio Fonts Without Application

Have you ever seen an Instagram profile that appears to be followed by famous Instagram accounts such as artists, singers, or celebrities? But when checked on the list of followers, isn’t there? This is a trick of changing the Instagram font.

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Here’s how to change the Instagram bio font without the application:

  • Run your web browser application.
  • Then visit
  • Type Followed by * username *, * username * and 4 others
  • Press the Generate & Copy button.
  • Now go to your Instagram account.
  • Enter the edit profile menu, then paste the text into the bio field.
  • Finally, save the settings.
How do you change the font style on Instagram?

Note: Make sure to change the username in the third stage with the Instagram username you want. After that, your Instagram bio will display followed by the IG account that you actually set yourself.

How to Change Fonts in Instagram Stories and Posts

After you already know how to change the font in your Instagram bio, maybe you also want to find out if this method can also be used in Instagram posts and stories.

The answer is of course you can. Please choose from the two methods above, the method without application or by the application. Just copy the text that has changed to the font you want, then paste it into your story or post.

There are tons of websites you can find on the internet to convert plain text into cool fonts. There are also quite a lot of font changer applications on the google Playstore that you can use to change the font in the Instagram bio.

You can search for fonts from websites or other applications that are able to change the type of font one by one if you really want to change the font in the Instagram bio using a specific font and not found in the application and website described above.

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This is information about How to Change the Font Style on Instagram with the application and without the application. Hopefully, this is useful and makes your Instagram account profile more attractive.

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