How to Change Instagram Password on Phone or PC

How to Change Instagram Password on Phone or PC

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How to Change Instagram Password on Phone or PC? For most people, Instagram is a great place to share photos and videos. While some use it as a tool to promote their business.

Regardless of what our goals are in using Instagram, as users, of course, we realize how important our Instagram account is and we certainly don’t want to lose that account.

So, because the Instagram account is an important thing in our lives, we definitely have to take care of that account so that it is not easily hacked by others.

Well, one way to maintain an Instagram account is to change the password periodically. By doing this, the Instagram account becomes even more difficult to hack.

But how to change the Instagram account password that we have been using for a long time?

To change the Instagram password, you can do it either through the Instagram application or browser. I have discussed the steps below. So, if you want to change your Instagram account password, please follow the tutorial in this article.

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How to Change or Reset Your Instagram Password

How to Change Instagram Password on Phone

To change your Instagram password, please first open your Instagram account. After that, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Tap the profile photo at the bottom right.
how to change instagram password without old password
  1. Tap the “Hamburger” icon at the top right.
how to change instagram password on phone
  1. Tap “Settings”.
how to change instagram password 2021
  1. Tap “Security”.
how to change instagram password on iphone
  1. Tap “Password”.
reset password
  1. Enter the old password in the “Current password” field. Then, enter the new password for your Instagram account in the “New password” field and in the “New password once again” field.

After that, tap the “Checklist” icon at the top right.

how to reset instagram password without facebook
  1. If successful, you will return to the “Security” page. On the screen, a text will appear indicating that you have successfully changed your Instagram account password.
instagram password reset not working

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How to change Instagram password on computer

To change the Instagram password on a PC or Laptop, please log in first to Instagram via a browser. After that, follow the steps I discuss below.

  1. Tap the profile photo at the top right.
reset instagram password without email
  1. Tap “Settings”.
  1. Tap “Change Password” in the left menu.
  1. Enter the old password in the “Old Password” field. Then enter the new password in the “New Password” column and the “Confirm New Password” column. After that, click “Change Password”.
  1. Done. Password has been changed successfully.

That’s the way to change your Instagram password. If you want, you can change your Instagram password periodically in the above way.

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Tips regarding Instagram Account Password

In addition to changing your password regularly, regarding this Instagram account password, there are several other things you can do so that your account is not hacked by others, namely:

  • Use a password with a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols so that it is not easily guessed by others.
  • Learn examples of common passwords at this page The password data they summarize there is based on password data that has been leaked around the world. Some passwords are very insecure, and only take a few seconds to crack.
  • Do not give passwords to other people or enter passwords into third-party applications.
  • Don’t just login on to someone’s computer, because it can be installed with a keylogger that can record your password. If you are forced to use someone else’s smartphone or PC to open your Instagram account, make sure you use the two-step verification feature beforehand. So that if the password is recorded, they still can’t log in because of the two-step verification feature earlier.
  • If it’s hard to remember, use a password manager to manage your passwords. In the Chrome browser, for example, there is a password storage feature, you can use it. If you use this feature, you are freer to create the password, it can be completely random, so it is stronger. If you don’t want to use chrome, you can use a special password manager application, there are many types now, some of which are quite popular are KeePass, LastPass, bitwarden, etc.

That’s it for the article on How to Change Instagram Password on Phone or PC this time. See you in the next article.

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