How to Change Gmail Password

How to Change Gmail Password on Mobile or PC

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Changing Gmail password is something that can be done in an easy way by anyone. But there are still many users who forget and don’t even care about it.

There are two bad habits that are usually done by most internet service users. First, always uniform passwords across all accounts used. Second, lazy to change passwords regularly, including email services.

We also remind you quite often to periodically change the passwords for all services and applications used, including Gmail.

Therefore, in this article, Weblogue will provide a way How to Change Gmail Password, be it on a cell phone or laptop. So, you can provide better security for important email data contained in your Gmail account.

3 Ways to Change Your Gmail Password

The steps to change the email password on a cell phone or laptop are actually very easy to do. In less than 10 minutes, your account can be more secure after changing the password.

We also recommend you use the best password manager application to save all your passwords or take advantage of the most secure and difficult to guess password generator features.

Curious as to how? Let’s see the steps on How to Change Gmail Password on Mobile or PC.

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How to Change Gmail Password on Mobile

As we said before, it doesn’t take hours to just change the email password on the cell phone. Everything is very easy to do as long as you follow the easy way below:

  • From the Gmail application on your Android or iOS cellphone, log in to the Gmail account for which you want to change the password.
  • If your Gmail is the main account on your smartphone, you can go directly to the Gmail app. But if not, just go to Settings > Users & accounts > Add an account. Then, click Google to add an account.
how to change gmail password on laptop
  • Now in the Gmail app, tap the icon in the shape of three stacked lines in the top right corner and select Settings.
change gmail password on android
  • Select the Gmail account for which you want to change the password.
  • Then, tap Manage your Google Account and select Personal Info.
change gmail password on iphone
  • Press Password and re-login the account for the verification process.
  • Then, enter the desired password. Use the best password manager so you can use and record the strongest passwords the app has suggested.
  • Then, press Change Password to change the password.
change google password android

It’s easy? Now your Gmail account is more secure from the threat of irresponsible people who target your valuable account.

How to Change Gmail Password on Laptop

If you are using a laptop, you can also change your Gmail password here. The method is very easy to do.

  • Sign in to your Gmail. Do login if necessary.
  • Click your profile icon, and hit Manage Your Google Account.
  • Select Personal Info, and select Password.
gmail password forgot
  • It’s the same as on a cellphone, changing the Gmail password on a laptop, you just need to log in once again for the verification process.
  • Then, enter your new password and press Change Password.
gmail password recovery

In less than 5 minutes, your Gmail password has been successfully changed.

How to Change Forgotten Gmail Password

The question is, what if you want to change your Gmail password but forget the old password? Don’t let you even have to create a new Gmail account because you forgot your password, friend.

Here are easy steps how to change the Gmail password that forgot to use the phone number. Let’s see!

  • Open your Gmail account and tap on your profile icon. Then, click Manage your Google Account.
  • As usual, click Personal Info and select Password.
  • When you enter here, surely Google will ask for re-verification which requires you to enter the old Gmail password.
  • If you forget, press the More ways to sign in button. Then, click Forgot Password.
gmail password recovery via sms
  • You will be redirected to the password page again. Google asks you to enter the last password of the Gmail account.
  • Just hit Try another way.
how to change gmail password if forgot
  • There are several options, but we recommend using the forgot password method and replacing the Gmail password with a phone number instead.
  • Google will automatically send the code via message or phone call. Just enter the code received.
  • Next, enter the new password.

Yes! You have successfully changed the forgotten Gmail password with a phone number with super easy and practical steps.

Well, that’s How to Change Gmail Password on Mobile or PC, including the steps when you want to change a password that you forget to use a phone number.

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Hopefully, this information is useful for you, and good luck trying it!

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