How to Change Gmail Password

How to Change Gmail Password – Easy and practical

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Know How to Change Gmail Password to keep it safe? Follow the Gmail tutorial that the team has compiled below.

Gmail is one of the important platforms that can connect you with various applications and digital platforms, therefore you must maintain the security of your Gmail account, and one way to keep your Gmail account secure is to change your password regularly.

How to change your Gmail password is very mandatory for you to master in order to reduce the risk of hacking your account because after you change your Gmail password you will log out of all devices that use your Gmail account.

Password itself is a collection of characters used to verify identity to a security system owned by a system.

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The password for Gmail can be a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols using a minimum of 12 characters so that the password you create is stronger.

How to Change Your Gmail Password

Can I change my Gmail Password on my phone?

Now for how to change your Gmail password, you can do it by following these easy steps:

  • Go to the official Gmail site on your device
  • Then log in to your Gmail account by entering your old email address and password. However, if you forget your old password, you can choose the forgot password option which is located at the bottom of the login column or the password column
  • If you have successfully logged into your Gmail account, click the gear icon on the right and select See all settings
  • Then select the Account and Import menu
  • Then click on the Change password option
  • Then you will see a new tab that requires you to enter the old Gmail password to verify
  • Click the Next button for the next process
  • Enter the new password for your Gmail account twice, and click the CHANGE PASSWORD button
  • After that, the process of changing your Gmail account password has been successfully carried out

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That’s how to change your Gmail password that you can do periodically to protect your account from irresponsible people. Ok besides that usually Google will also ask you to change your password if suspicious activity occurs on your Google Account. Good luck with the Gmail tutorial above!

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