How To Change Gmail Name

How To Change Gmail Name on PC or Your Mobile Phone

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How to change Gmail name to make it more representative is common, and can be done in two ways, via a mobile application (smartphone) or using a PC.

Is there any difference between the two methods above? Of course very different. Let’s just try it.

How to Change Your Gmail Name Without Creating a New Email Address

How to Change Your Display Name on Gmail via Smartphone

  • Open the Gmail app on your smartphone, then tap the options menu and tap Settings.
how to change gmail name on android
  • Furthermore, if you have several emails, then select the email whose name you want to change.
how to change gmail name on iphone
  • On the next page, tap Manage your Google Account.
how to change gmail address name
  • Log in to the relevant account.
  • Tap personal info and tap your name.
  • Now change it to any other name as per your wish. Tap Save to save changes.

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How to Change Your Name in Gmail PC

Now we try to change the name of the Gmail account using a PC or laptop.

  • Open using your favorite browser.
  • Login to your Gmail and now click on the gear button on the top right and click on View all settings.
change gmail username
  • Then click Account and Import – Edit Info
how to change email address name
  • Then a new popup window will appear like this. Well, fill in the column under the name to a new field or a new name as you wish.
can you change your gmail address
  • Don’t forget to click Save Changes.

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After doing one of the two methods above, you are sure to have succeeded in changing the name on your Gmail account to the new name.

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