How to Calculate the Median in Excel

How to Calculate the Median in Excel (Quick and Easy)

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Learn How to Calculate the Median in Excel. Here our team has put together a Microsoft Excel tutorial to do it.

How find the median in Excel is usually used to find the middle value that is between a series of numbers. You can of course rely on Microsoft Excel to do this.

Calculating the median is very useful for helping various data processing activities, such as determining the estimated average value of students, making data statistics to calculate the average weight, and various other daily activities.

If you usually find the median manually, you must first sort the numbers from the smallest number to the largest number. Then if there is only one number in the middle of the data, then that is what is determined as the median.

However, if there are two numbers in the middle of the data, then you must add up the two numbers first and then divide by two to determine the median value.

But what if the data we want to find the median for consists of many numbers? It would be very tiring not to look for it manually like that.

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Therefore you must know how to find the median in Excel using the following formula because the writing form of the median formula itself is actually quite easy, namely:

= MEDIAN(number1:[number2], …)


  • Type an equal sign { = } in the cell where the median is placed
  • Then type MEDIAN followed by an opening parenthesis { ( }
  • In the number1: number2 command, you only need to enter the numbers from the data range by blocking all the data you have to get the median
  • When you have finished blocking all the numbers in your data, type the closing parenthesis { ) }
  • Then press Enter key and Done! The value that appears in the cell that you selected earlier is the median value resulting from the formula

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That’s How to Calculate the Median in Excel that you can do with easy steps. So from now on, you don’t need to be confused anymore if you want to find the median of a large data set. Good luck with the Microsoft Excel tutorial above!

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