How to Buy Virtual Land in Metaverse

How to Buy Virtual Land in Metaverse 2022

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How to Buy Virtual Land in Metaverse? Metaverse will create new trends in the global community, starting from the trend of metaverse games, buying virtual land, NFT, to transactions using cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and Ethereum.

Meta’s ambition is to build a metaverse, making Metaverse a hot topic of conversation. Even today there are games and sites that have started to offer the world of Metaverse to the public.

With various developments now, Metaverse can create some new trends in people’s lives for today and in the future. Anything?

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The trend that is starting to emerge is the metaverse game, with the concept of play to earn or games that produce.

In the gameplay to earn, players not only carry out missions but can buy or create their own arenas, characters, and items or skins in the game.

Later they can sell it to other players using cryptocurrency, so players can make money while playing the game.

Currently, games are starting to appear that offer the concept of play to earn, such as Axie Infinity, My Neighbor Alice, Herocat GameFi to Roblox.

Because the metaverse is a world without boundaries, so many games of this type will appear in the metaverse. In addition, this game is certainly in great demand, especially for those who need additional income.

“NFT and play-to-earn games will allow third world economies to start earning enough from just playing games all day.

Still from the game world, the next trend is the emergence of games that rely on the physical strength of players. This means that in the future there will be VR/AR products and other supporting products that can increase player involvement in the game.

This means that players are no longer just sitting still playing gadgets, laptops, or PCs to finish the game.

However, they must really move so that players feel like they are in a real arena. For example, when playing FPS games, they have to run, hide and shoot enemies.

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Land buying and selling transactions can occur in a metaverse, and many platforms offer this. This virtual world allows you to buy land in the metaverse. Then what’s the point of buying land there?

Buying land in the metaverse can be an investment because when many people can access the metaverse, the land they own can be used for various things. Like land in the real world, you can build shops, to rent out to companies that want to sell their products in the metaverse.

You can also sell the land at a high price, so you can benefit from selling metaverse land.

The trend of buying land in the metaverse has also been carried out by big companies. For example, Samsung is building a virtual store called Samsung 837X on the Decentraland platform.

Then there was Adidas who bought land at The SandBox and named the land AdiVerse. Most recently, Warner Music Group is looking to build a virtual concert arena in the metaverse.

All the big companies have thought ahead, and when the metaverse can be accessed by many people, the company is ready to develop business there.

How to Buy Virtual Land in the Metaverse

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How to Buy Virtual Land in Metaverse, it’s also easy. Currently, there are several platforms selling metaverse lands such as Decentraland, The SandBox, and

They sell land at various prices depending on the location and area of ​​land purchased. In addition to buying metaverse land, you must have a blockchain wallet and a cryptocurrency. Here’s how to buy land in the metaverse.

  • Go to the site and click Start Browsing.
  • Select the Land menu and select the land you want to buy. There are 2 types of land, namely Parcels for narrow plots of land, and Estates for large land sizes. Click the land you want to buy.
  • After clicking, you will see the price of the land, the type of cryptocurrency or crypto-asset token that is in effect, and the name of the owner. If interested please click Buy.
  • How to buy land in the next metaverse, please link your blockchain wallet with Decentraland. This needs to be done because the land will later be sent to the blockchain wallet in the form of NFT.
  • Confirm the purchase of land using your cryptocurrency, and after the transaction is complete, you have successfully owned land in the metaverse.

In facing the era of the metaverse, it seems, you must immediately learn to even own these two digital products. The reason is that NFT Metaverse and cryptocurrencies are digital assets that can be owned and traded in the metaverse.

This phenomenon can already be seen when you buy land in the metaverse. As mentioned earlier, the land assets you own will be in the form of an NFT metaverse and the money used to buy them is cryptocurrency.

It’s common to imagine that if the metaverse is getting easier to access, then to enter there, the NFT metaverse and cryptocurrency are like necessities that you must have in order to be able to move comfortably in the virtual world.

With the current trends, you should prepare yourself to face some of these trends.


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