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How to Buy TikTok Coins and recharge coins to send gifts

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It’s important to know how to buy TikTok coins if you want to give gifts to other users. TikTok users are certainly no stranger to gifts. Follow the TikTok tutorial to buy the following gifts.

This gift is also known as the Gift TikTok Universe feature. This TikTok feature is a way of appreciation given by viewers to hosts in the form of images or items and has value.

To be able to give the Gift, the audience needs to have enough coins to be able to buy it. Therefore, not a few TikTok users fill up coins so they can give gifts to other users who are live streaming on TikTok. How to buy TikTok coins is very easy and simple.

To pay for the purchase of TikTok coins, you can use credit, bank transfers, to transfers via digital wallets.

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Find out how to buy these coins. Here’s how to buy TikTok coins that the Team has compiled for you.

Discover how to buy tiktok coins to gift ‘s popular creator

How much is 500 TikTok coins?
  • Go to the TikTok app on your phone.
  • Then, select the My menu.
  • Access the Settings menu or Settings.
  • Select Balance.
  • Next, click the Refill option to buy TikTok coins.
  • Then, TikTok will present an option for the number of coins.
  • You just select the number of coins to be purchased.
  • When finished, immediately make the payment process which can be done via credit, bank transfer, credit card, and digital wallet.
  • After the payment process is successful, your TikTok coin balance will immediately increase.

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That’s the easy way to buy TikTok coins. Now you can give gifts to other users who live on TikTok. I hope the above TikTok tutorial was helpful.

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