How to Buy Games on Steam

How to Buy Games on Steam – Step by Step Tutorial

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One of the activities that is often a hobby of young people is playing games. Especially in this day and age, games already have graphics that almost resemble the real world. Especially for those of you who play on high-end PCs, you must feel this more often than consoles.

Well, to be able to play certain games, you have to buy them first. Fortunately, there is Steam, a platform that provides a massive collection of games – from classics to the latest, offline and online, of all genres.

And again, Steam often holds big discounts every big vacation moment such as summer discounts, winter discounts, and so on. If you’re lucky, you can buy triple-A quality games with discounts of up to 50% or even 75%. It’s not uncommon for Steam to free old quality games for you to enjoy. Isn’t it tempting?

So, How to Buy Games on Steam? If you’re curious, Weblogue will give you a few simple steps so you can buy your favorite games from Steam.

How to Buy Games on Steam

Later, there will be several methods you can use to buy games on Steam. This tutorial will teach you the easiest way you can do so as not to be complicated. Let’s look at the following!

Create a Steam Account

how to buy games on steam for free

The first thing that of course needs to be done is to have a Steam account. If you have already made it, just skip this step. For those of you who have never had a Steam account at all, you can create one by visiting the Steam site. Type the address “” in the search field in the browser, then press Enter.

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After arriving at the main Steam page, you need to click on the “login” option in the top right corner of the screen. There are two options later, Sign in and Create. In the Create section, click the “Join Steam” button and you will be taken to the email filling page. and the country of domicile.

Put a checkmark on the CAPTCHA box, read the terms and agreements, and put a checkmark below that states that you agree and are 13 years or older. Oh yes, make sure you are 13 years old!

Then, click the Continue button. After that Steam will send an email containing a verification link to your inbox. So, open the email and click the link in it.

If so, return to the previous tab to continue the registration process. Enter your username and password, then click the Complete Sign Up button. Now, your account has been successfully created.

Install Steam

how to buy games on steam malaysia

The next step is to download and install Steam on your PC. On the main Steam page, click the Install Steam button to go to the download page. Just click the Install Steam button, select the storage directory, and the download will run. Then, open the setup file and just follow the installation instructions completely.

Select the Game You Want to Buy

how to buy games on steam with steam wallet

After the Steam application is installed and connected to your Steam account, it is time to explore the available game collections. You can choose by genre or by the platform using the existing navigation menu.

If you have specific preferences, you can also filter search results using tags such as “Indie”, “Single player”, and so on. If you have decided what game to buy, click the Add to Cart button. Click the Continue Shopping button if you want to add another game.

Steam Wallet Top-Up

If you have included all the games in your groceries, now is the time to check out! But first, you need to know the total price of the game you are buying. For the payment method itself, Steam only provides Visa, MasterCard, and eClub points.

Open the Steam application then click the Games menu >> Redeem a Steam Wallet Code. Copy the voucher pin that has been obtained in the column provided and click the Continue button. If successful, you will see a message indicating that your Steam Wallet has been filled.

Continue checkout

how to buy games on steam philippines

Well, now you have a sufficient balance to buy games. Scroll until the very top until you find the Cart menu on the right. Select the “Purchase for myself” menu then try checking the payment method. If the balance is sufficient, usually the Steam Wallet option will be automatically selected.

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Put a checkmark on the approval box and click the Purchase button. Congratulations! You have successfully bought games on Steam! Now, just install the game and you can play it.

Tips for Buying Games on Steam

When trying to buy a suitable game on Steam, you might get confused. How come? There are so many choices of games that you can play with various kinds of gameplay, stories, and prices. Now, instead of being confused, it’s better to just look at the following tips so you don’t buy the wrong game.

Pay attention to System Requirements

These could be the most important tips. Keep in mind that not all games will be playable on your PC or laptop. You see, there are system requirements or guidelines regarding what types of components you need to have to be able to play certain games smoothly – VGA, RAM, CPU, and so on.

If your VGA or CPU is not strong enough to lift a game, chances are that the game will not be able to run with playable FPS. It’s a shame if you already bought it? So, just choose a game that fits your PC specs!

Pay attention to the good and bad reviews

When choosing a game, there are times when you don’t know whether the game is good or not. This is where reviews become important.

On the game product page, there is a review section based on the experiences that other people feel when playing it – whether it’s in terms of stories, optimization, pros, and cons, or bugs.

You can also see overall user reviews or overall user reviews. If the writing is “very positive” let alone “overwhelmingly positive”, chances are you will like the game.

Play the demo first if not sure

Sometimes user reviews don’t define everything. For example, it could be that a game has a bad review but after trying it turns out according to your taste, and vice versa.

Luckily, some games have demo versions that you can try for free, even before the original game is released. You can use this opportunity to really determine whether you like it or not.

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Well, now you know How to Buy Games on Steam, even if you don’t have a credit card. The author recommends that you wait until the game is discounted so you can profit. But, if you really think the game is worth it, buying it on the release date doesn’t hurt either. So, which games have you bought from Steam ?.

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