How to Block Messages on Facebook

How to Block Messages on Facebook Messenger

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Incoming messages on Facebook sometimes often come from people we don’t know or maybe from people we don’t want to the point where we want to block them so they can’t send messages again on Facebook.

Blocking messages on Facebook can be done without having to block friends if you have previously been friends on Facebook. So just block the message so that people we don’t want can’t send messages to us anymore.

It’s very easy. Here I will explain How to Block Messages on Facebook, be it on Facebook Lite, Messenger, or Facebook PC. Listen well!

How Can Stop Someone from Messaging Me on Messenger

Block messages or chats on Facebook Lite

how to block all messages on facebook
  1. Open your Facebook Lite application then open the message from the person you want to block.
  2. Then select the gear icon as shown in the image to display the options.
  3. Select the “Block” option to block the message.
  4. Then two options will appear that you can choose before blocking.

The first option is to block messages and calls. That is, you will only block incoming messages and incoming calls on behalf of that person. So that person will not be able to contact you again via incoming messages or inbox and by phone, but will still be friends on Facebook if you were previously friends with that person.

The second option is to block on Facebook. That means you will block that person’s Facebook account. Later that person will not be able to search, send messages, or call you.

Okay, go on. Here I will choose the first option.

  1. A dialog box will appear as shown in the picture. Select “Block” if you are sure you want to block it.
  2. Done, the text will change to “Unblock on Messenger”, this indicates that you have blocked it.

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Block messages or chats on Messenger

how to stop receiving messages on messenger without blocking

If you like viewing messages or chats on messenger, then here are the steps to block messages on messenger. This has been discussed in more detail previously written, so here we will briefly discuss it.

  1. Open your Messenger app and open messages from the person you want to block
  2. Select the upper rightmost icon to bring up the options.
  3. Select “Block” to continue the process of blocking messages.
  4. Then select the first option to block the messenger only. So even if you’re friends with that person, you won’t block their account if you choose the first option.
  5. If a dialog box appears, just select “Block” if you are sure you want to block it.
  6. If a screen like the one in the picture I gave a box appears, it means that you have successfully blocked. Try returning to the chat room to be sure.
  7. Done. In the chat room, you will see the words “you blocked the account” and there will be a button to unblock it there.

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Block messages or chat on Facebook PC

how to see blocked messages on facebook messenger
  1. Open your PC browser then go to and log in to your Facebook account. Then select the messenger icon to view incoming messages.
  2. Then select which messages you want to block so they can’t contact you anymore.
  3. Then click on the profile at the top left to display options.
  4. Select the “Block” menu.
  5. On the page like there is a picture, select the first option “Block messages and calls”.
  6. If a dialog box appears, select “Block” to block if you are sure.
  7. If a display appears in the image, where the first option has changed to “Unblock messages and calls” then the blocking process has been successful. Try returning to the chat room to be sure.

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Facebook makes it easy for you to choose the type of blocking you want. You can block the account in its entirety, or block only messages and calls like the process described above.

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