How to back up your Android phone With One Click

How to back up your Android phone With One Click

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How to back up your Android phone With One Click? Data is the most important thing because it cannot be bought if it is lost. Some say it is better to lose a smartphone than to lose data. But for me it’s better not to lose both, I’m sure you agree!. But indeed the data is very important because we cannot imagine if we suddenly lose the data that we have worked hard to collect for several years.

But sometimes we are lazy to backup data because we don’t know-how. Besides that, what makes us lazy to backup data is having to sort and choose the data we want to backup. Even though sometimes we really don’t have much time for that. Well, we’ve also experienced the same thing until we found an application that makes it easy for us to do it easily. You can do a lot with this application, such as backup your important WhatsApp chats so they don’t get lost, backup all contacts on your smartphone, and many other important features.

Yes. Coolmuster Android Assistant application. An application that has a beautiful and lightweight utility for use on computers running the Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista/XP operating system and also for those of you Macbook users with the Mac OS operating system. Coolmuster Android Assistant application has a User Interface that is easy to operate. You can back up all the data on your smartphone to your computer in one click. The following features you can find from this application:

how to take full backup of android phone on pc

The main features that you will get from Coolmuster Android Assistant are:

  • Back up and restore smartphone data to your computer with one click.
  • Transfer all kinds of files like music, photos, videos, call logs, contacts, and more between phone and computer.
  • Manage Android phone contacts right from your PC.
  • You can add, delete, and delete duplicate contacts directly from your PC.
  • Easily Send and reply to text messages directly from the computer.
  • You can install Android apps or delete them from your computer.
  • You can Import, delete, export, and refresh call log data on your smartphone.
  • Export and import contacts from your phone to Outlook.

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Here are the steps to install the Coolmuster Android Assistant application on your PC:

  • Download the Coolmuster Android Assistant application, click here.
  • Select an application for Windows or for Mac OS.
  • Click Download to start downloading.
  • Please install the application by clicking 2x.
  • Wait for the installation process to complete, then click finish.

After installing the application, you cannot use it before activating developer options on your smartphone. To be able to connect your smartphone to a computer there are two options, namely using a data cable or using a wifi network. If you choose to use a USB cable connection, you must enable the USB Debugging option on your smartphone. Please follow the steps below:

Steps on your smartphone:

  • Go to the Settings menu on your device,
  • Go to the About Phone menu
  • Software Info
  • Tap 7 times to enable Developer options
  • Then go back to Settings
  • Go to the Developer Options menu, go to
  • Then enable USB Debugging.
  • Done.

So now you can start connecting your Android smartphone with a PC. Then run Coolmuster Android Assistant to help you transfer data from your android smartphone to your PC, or vice versa, you can restore data from your PC to your smartphone.

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After you connect the smartphone to the PC, run the Coolmuster Android Assistant application by double-clicking the application icon on your PC’s desktop monitor. Then you click on the main menu of Android Assistant. Then click the “One-Click Backup” menu to start backing up all the data on your smartphone.

So that’s How to back up your Android phone With One Click. What do you think? it’s easy, right? without the hassle of having to sort and choose one by one on your smartphone. And at other times you can restore all the data that you have backed up in the same way.

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