How to avoid damaging your iPhone's battery health

How to avoid damaging your iPhone’s battery health

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Batteries are an important component in mobile devices, including the iPhone. You may not even realize you have habits that can damage your iPhone battery. For that, we will give tips on How to avoid damaging your iPhone’s battery health so that it lasts.

Nestled between a series of silicon, capacitors, and tiny solder points are the iPhone battery. The battery is a resource that can be consumed and will run out.

The battery needs to be replaced if it is damaged. However, ideally, you should be careful not to let the battery die quickly.

To make sure the iPhone battery you are using can last a long time, here are some common actions to avoid that can damage battery health.

For that, we will provide tips on how to use it properly so that the battery can last a long time. Check out the following tips for caring for the iPhone battery!

How to keep your iPhone battery capacity high

how to keep iphone battery health at 100

Avoid high heat

One action that can make battery health more vulnerable is high heat. Please note, that heat is the main enemy of batteries, however, cold is not a good friend either.

Temperatures that are too cold will result in a shorter usage time. So, what is the ideal temperature? Apple says iPhone batteries can run safely in temperatures up to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Converted, 95 degrees Fahrenheit equals 35 degrees Celsius. Beyond that temperature, permanent battery damage can occur and you will inevitably have to replace your damaged battery.

You can accidentally overheat your iPhone. For example, exposing the screen to direct sunlight, and charging in the sun.

While iPhone has a built-in protection system to temporarily disable it in these situations to prevent further damage, it’s best to avoid the habit.

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Avoid zero percent battery power

Another action that often makes battery life drop quickly is not being diligent in recharging. Never leave the battery charge to zero percent.

Too often leaving the power to zero percent will seriously damage the battery of your device. Gradually, the device battery will ask to be replaced with a new one.

For the best battery health, make it a habit to recharge regularly throughout the day. That way, you never really drain the battery.

It would be better if you do the charging regularly, without having to wait for it to run out completely to 0%. We recommend that when the HP power indicator shows the number 40-50%, you can recharge it. This method is better for battery health.

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iPhone stored too long

If you’re going to be storing your iPhone for a long time, don’t let the battery charge 100 percent. Discharge the battery between 50 percent and 80 percent and check periodically.

Don’t let your iPhone run out of power completely. On the other hand, if your iPhone is 100 percent charged, you may find that the battery is no longer able to charge like it used to.

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So, those were the tips for How to avoid damaging your iPhone’s battery health to keep it durable and long-lived. May be useful.

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