How To Attach And Send A Folder By Email

How To Attach And Send A Folder By Email

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Have you ever had trouble sending lots of files via email? Do you think that we should send files one by one to the email? That’s very troublesome. The tricks on How To Attach And Send A Folder By Email in this article will help you.

Now email is one of the things that is very important for communication needs. By using email, you can create messages to send files to several people.

Email is also often used by students to send assignments to their teachers. It is also often encountered that job vacancies require you to send an application via email.

These requirements will usually require more than one file or even quite a lot. To be more practical, you can combine them into one folder and then convert the folder into a RAR or ZIP file before sending via email.

That way you don’t need to send files one by one to the destination email. This guide can be used using a mobile phone or Gmail on a laptop, here’s How To Attach And Send A Folder By Email.

How to Send Folder in Email – Compressed Folder in Email

How do I compress a folder to send via email

This tutorial will give an example of using Gmail email. But you don’t need to worry if you use Microsoft email or something else, because basically, it won’t be much different.

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There are 3 methods you can try to send folders via email. Starting from using Gmail on a laptop, on a mobile phone, and using Google Drive services.

How to Send Folders via Email on a Laptop

This first method will be very effective if you are using a laptop or computer. Make sure the files you want to send via email have been combined into one folder first.

Here’s how to send a folder via Gmail email on a laptop:

  • Download and install the WinRar application on your laptop.
  • After that, look for the folder you want to send via email.
  • Right-click the folder> select the option Add to “Folder.RAR”.
  • Now the folder has been converted into a RAR file.
  • Next, visit Gmail and click the Compose button.
  • Then click the Paper Clip icon to upload the file.
  • Select the folder that has been converted into the RAR file earlier.
  • Wait for the file upload process to complete.
  • Finally, click the Send button to send.

Very easy, right? Don’t forget to add the destination email, email title, and email body if needed. The length of time the upload takes to Gmail depends on the size of your folder or RAR file.

How to Send Folder Via Gmail Phone

The next method can be used using an Android or iOS cellphone such as an iPhone and iPad. The first thing you have to do is enter all the files you want to send via email into one folder first.

How to send folders via email using an android phone:

  • Tap hold the folder then select the Compress option.
  • The folder will be converted into a Zip file.
  • Run the Gmail app and press the + button to compose an email.
  • Type the e-mail destination, e-mail title, and e-mail content.
  • Press the Paper Clip icon to insert a file.
  • Look for the Zip file compressed the folder at the first stage.
  • Then press the airplane icon to send an email.

With just 7 steps, you have successfully sent the folder via email using only your mobile phone. This method is perfect if you want to send a large number of documents, but sent in one email only.

The latest Android phones now have a compressed feature by default. But if your device still doesn’t have it, then you must first install the WinRAR application via the Play Store.

How to send large folders via Gmail

If you want to send folders in large quantities up to hundreds of MB or even GB in size, then you can use services from Google Drive.

How to send folders via email with Google Drive:

  • Upload your folder to Google Drive.
  • If so, open the Gmail email service.
  • Then click the Compose button or Write.
  • In the New Message window, click the Google Drive icon.
  • Select the My Drive menu tab.
  • Select the folder you want to send and click Insert.
  • The final step is to click the Submit button.

Don’t forget to fill in the destination email before sending the email. Also, add an email subject and email body if needed. Now you can send folders via email even with large sizes.

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It’s not difficult, right? That’s How To Attach And Send A Folder By Email that you can try on Gmail on a cellphone or laptop.

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