How to Archive Emails In Gmail

How to Archive Emails In Gmail Tutorial on PC or Mobile

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Google Mail or Gmail is an email service that is widely used. For that, make sure your Gmail account is organized by archiving emails so that your inbox is neater.

Admittedly, sending emails is often done for a variety of purposes. Starting from applying for jobs, sending school or college assignments, to sending reports to superiors at the company.

It’s just that, because we often communicate using email, there will be a lot of emails in the inbox or inbox. As a result, the email inbox will look messy because there are so many old letters in the inbox.

The solution is to archive it. Gmail provides an option for users to archive their old mail in the archive column. For those who don’t know how, here’s How to Archive Emails In Gmail via laptops and cell phones.

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How to archive email in Gmail

How to Archive Email in Gmail Via Laptop or PC

This method can be done for those of you who often send and receive an email, using a laptop. Because, usually the files are on a laptop or PC, so many access Gmail using a laptop.

  • Go to the Gmail site and log in to your account.
  • Select an email that you want to add to the Gmail archive, by tapping the checkbox to the left of the email.
how to archive emails in gmail to save space
  • Next, select the Archive menu with a box logo with a down arrow. It’s in the top right of the app.
how to find archived emails in gmail on android
  • Meanwhile, to return the archive to the inbox, please click the More menu at the bottom and select All Email.
how to archive emails in gmail by date
  • On the right side, find the archived email. Select the archived email and click the Move to Inbox icon.
where is archive in gmail app

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How to Archive Email in Gmail Via Mobile

Next, use a cell phone. How to archive email in the Gmail application can use a cell phone. This method tends to be more practical because the process is through the Gmail application and can be done anytime and anywhere.

  • Open the Gmail application, and long press the e-mail you want to archive until a checkmark appears.
how to delete archived emails in gmail
  • Press the Archive icon with the square icon and the down arrow.
how to find archived emails in gmail on iphone
  • The message was entered into the Archive. For those who want to return it to the Inbox, please click the three-dotted line at the top left of the application. Then select All Email.
how do i retrieve archived emails
  • Select the email you want to return to the Inbox, and select the Move to Inbox menu.
does archiving emails save space gmail

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Well, that was how to archive emails in Gmail, both using a laptop and cell phone. Hopefully, this information is useful and can be applied to your Gmail.

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