How to Add Spotify Music to Instagram Story

How to Add Spotify Music to Instagram Story With Background

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Spotify is the most complete and popular application for providing songs, music, and podcasts today. However, have you ever thought about sharing the music that you are listening to on Spotify to your IG or Instagram story? In this article, you will find out How to Add Spotify Music to Instagram Story.

By sharing or sharing your favorite songs on your Spotify to Instagram, it means you want to tell others your favorite music on IG. This is indeed supported by Spotify because they have provided this feature.

How to share Spotify songs to IG is actually quite easy, you can use an Android or iOS device such as an iPhone and iPad. But if you still don’t know how, let’s follow the tutorial below.

How to add Spotify music to your Instagram story

how to share spotify on instagram story with video

Sharing the song that is currently playing to the Instagram story is actually a very easy job. You only need to take a few steps so you can send the Spotify song to your IG story status.

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Here’s how to share Spotify to IG story:

  • Make sure the smartphone has the Instagram and Spotify applications installed.
  • Run the Spotify application then find the song you want.
  • Then you have to play the song.
  • Tap the three dots icon in the corner of the song that’s playing.
  • Scroll down and select the Share option.
  • Select Instagram Stories to share the song with the IG story.
  • Submit it to your Instagram story.
  • Done.

If successful, the Instagram story will appear complete with the title, cover of the song you play on Spotify. When someone tries to tap Play on Spotify, they will be directed to the song in the Spotify application automatically.

how to share music on instagram story

Apart from that, you can also add emojis, text, and other images to the Instagram story. You can edit it first, as usual, make stories in general before you send it to your IG story.

Well, that’s the way to share the song you are listening to on Spotify to IG via your Instagram story. Just follow a few steps in the article on how to share Spotify songs to this IG story.

However, if you experience problems when following how to share Spotify songs to IG story, and cannot share Spotify songs to the story, there are several factors and causes. You can try some of the solutions below to solve this problem.

How to Add Music to an Instagram Story With Background

how to share spotify on instagram story with background

Besides being able to share Spotify songs, you are also able to make IG Spotify stories with video backgrounds of the song. Spotify’s IG story is quite unique because it has a moving appearance.

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Here’s how to share the IG Spotify story with a video background:

  • Run the Spotify application on your smartphone.
  • Then enter the Spotify settings menu.
  • Scroll down and enable the Canvas feature.
  • After that, play the song you want.
  • Press the dot in the upper right corner.
  • Select Share then selects the Instagram Stories option.
  • The final step, submit the story.

If successful, the result will be like the image below. The video background of the Spotify song will have a moving display when the IG story is opened.

spotify instagram story not working

Note: This feature only applies to songs that have Spotify video backgrounds in them. The reason is, not all songs provide video backgrounds.

Why can’t Spotify share music to Instagram stories?

  1. The application has not been updated

The application always updates its system regularly. They update to add the latest features and cover bugs in the previous version. So, make sure whether you are using the latest version of the application or not.

To check if there is a new version of the Spotify or Instagram application, you can open the Google Play Store if you are using Android. Or you can open the app store if you are an iOS device user.

  1. Application Error

Sometimes the application has an error and makes an error in it. If you have tried to share a Spotify song to IG, but the share option to the Instagram story does not appear, meaning the application is in error.

To solve this, try using another Instagram account whether you can or not. If it still doesn’t mean you have to clean the application’s data and cache.

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The last step if you still can’t share the Spotify song to the IG Story, try uninstalling the application, then reinstall it via the Google Play Store or App Store, then restart your device.

That’s How to Add Spotify Music to Instagram Story easily and quickly. Make sure you use the official IG and Spotify application and the latest version so you don’t experience problems when sharing songs to Instagram Stories.


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