How to Add New Place in Google Map

How to Add New Place in Google Map

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How to Add New Place in Google Map?, In the United States alone, 154.4 million people have recorded Google Maps in use in April 2018. The number of users who have Google Maps beat similar applications, such as Waze (25.6 million people), Apple Maps (25.3 million), and MapQuest (20.9 million). One of the things that makes this app so popular compared to its competitors is accuracy.

You may still remember the cases that happened to iPhone users in various parts of the world in the period 2012-2013. At that time, not a few people got lost because they followed Apple Maps instructions embedded in iOS 6, 7, and 8. Since then, people have become more confident in using Google Maps, even though the cellphone they use is an iPhone.

Google Maps probably wouldn’t have a high degree of accuracy if only satellite imagery were relied on. Apart from satellites, Google also records roads around the world with Google Street View cars. Until 2019, Google Street View cars have traveled the world 400 times. In Indonesia, Google Street View cars have been exploring since 2012.

What Makes Google Maps Interesting

how to mark location in google maps android

Google Maps has a variety of things that make its users comfortable. It’s not just a matter of accuracy when used to navigate. Following are the points of explanation:

Can Estimate Solid Hours

Google Maps, of course, provides all the basic map functions like any other application. Such as estimating the distance and travel time. This basic feature is important when a person is about to travel to a new location. The road options provided are not only one, but quite varied.

Sometimes you are shown a rural route that is quiet and rarely traveled. Therefore, you can choose the route with the shortest travel time. Of course, by paying attention to whether the route is one-way or two-way. You can avoid the risk of getting stuck in a traffic jam. The reason is, Google Maps can estimate the hours of a road congested.

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Give Nearest Recommendations

Google apparently delegates some of its functions as a search engine to Google Maps. This occurs when the received keyword is associated with a location. If what is opened is Google Search, information about the location is only one part of all the information presented.

Facilitating People to Contribute

Not all locations can be found on Google Maps. Usually, this happens because the location is new.

Because Google invites everyone to add new locations that are not yet on Google Maps. Not just marking the coordinates with a name. However, someone can also contribute by providing a review and uploading photos related to that location.

You are also welcome to answer people’s questions about the location in question. Interestingly, Google rewards these contributions with points that can be exchanged for nominal money.

Making Destinations More Famous

All locations that can be searched via Google Maps will of course get the fruit. The first fruit is that people know the access road to get there. Then the second fruit, which is a location, becomes more famous because more people visit.

Both of these things certainly provide benefits for various kinds of businesses. No exception shops, places to eat, service providers, to tourist destinations. Thus, location traceability on Google Maps is one way for businesses to increase profits.

Supports Covid-19 Tracking

Namely by rolling out the voluntary share location feature. With this feature, people will share the locations they visit. So, if one day someone is infected with the coronavirus, Google Maps will give a warning to other people who are going to that location.

This makes everyone more careful when traveling. Because they can choose to go somewhere or not based on their track record.

How to Add New Place in Google Map

Maybe after reading the point about tracking a location and you want to enter a location on Google Maps. However, you don’t have to enter new places to eat, service providers, shops, or tourist destinations. Then what to do?

It could be that you just want to mark the coordinates of your home location so that friends can access it with Google Maps. In certain conditions, this action is important to do. For example, when you and your partner will hold a wedding reception. Marking the location of the house will certainly make it easier for friends from various regions to come and celebrate your happy day.

Take it easy, for those of you who don’t know how to mark a location, don’t be confused. Because marking a location on Google Maps is quite easy. It can even be done via a computer, Android cellphone, or iPhone cellphone. The following Weblogue has prepared the easy steps:

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How to add location in Google Maps on Computer

how to mark a location on google maps for everyone

First, we will show you how to mark a location on Google Maps on a computer. To find out how, please follow the steps below, yes.

  1. Open a browser and type the address then press enter.
  2. Point your view to the left corner, and press the triangle symbol to expand the options panel.
  3. If so, press the triple horizontal line symbol.
  4. Several options will appear. Select the option “Your place”.
  5. Please login with your Google account first.
  6. Then, select the “Saved” menu.
  7. At this stage, you are asked to add a location to be saved in the three existing lists (Favorites, Want to visit, and Starred places). Or, you can also create a new list by clicking the (+) button in the lower right corner, like the following example.
  8. Close the panel on the left by clicking (X), then find the location you want to mark.
  9. When you have found the location point, click once until a black marker appears.
  10. Click the coordinate numbers under the road description.
  11. Instantly a red marker symbol will appear.
  12. Click the “Save” option in the left panel. Then, enter into one of the lists.
  13. Now you have saved the marked locations in the list. The location you marked is ready to be shared with friends by clicking the share symbol.
  14. Share the location you marked by copying the link. You can also share the location on your personal blog with the link in the “Embed map” option.

How to Add New Place in Google Map via Android Phones and iPhone

how to mark a location on google maps on iphone

Apart from using a PC, you can also mark locations on Google Maps using a cellphone, whether it’s using an Android or iPhone device. How to? Check out below!

  1. Open the Google Maps app on your Android phone or iPhone.
  2. Navigate to the location that you want to mark.
  3. If you have found it, press the point until a red marker icon appears.
  4. Tap the red marker until the options window appears.
  5. Click the “Save” option.
  6. After that, you can enter into one of the three lists (Want to go, Favorite, or, Starred place). You can also make your own list.
  7. Name the location.
  8. Done, now you can immediately share it with friends by tapping the share button next to the three dots in the top right corner. The share button on an Android phone takes on a different shape.
  9. To access this location again, you just have to press “Save” which is located on the first page when opening the application. Then, enter the list according to what you made.

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This is the article on How to Add New Place in Google Map. This tutorial is the easiest way to tell a friend a location.