How to Add Music to Instagram Story Fast and Easy

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Since its inception, Instagram’s story feature has indeed offered a lot of added value. Not only photos, but you can also add songs or make music in an easy way. And the results can be shared with others.

It’s just that, this Instagram story feature had many pros and cons. Of course, this cannot be separated from the interface which is practically similar to what Snapchat already has.

Even so, this Facebook-owned application continues to make improvements, for example by adding features such as Boomerang, Live Broadcast, Rewind, and funny stickers.

As a result, Snapgram users continue to grow and are getting more excited about creating unique stories. Of the many stories that you have opened, have you ever seen stories that have songs?

Isn’t Instagram not providing a song addition feature in creating stories? So How to Add Music to Instagram Story? Check out the reviews below.

How to Make Instagram Story Music

why cant i add music to my instagram story

instagram stories music This is the latest update from Instagram, where users can insert music into their Insta Stories. This way, users can easily create stories with musical accompaniment.

How to Add Music to Instagram Story is also fairly easy. Users can simply enter stories and start recording videos or taking photos.

Select the sticker menu at the top, and inside there is a new sticker, namely music. Select the music sticker and the song options will appear, the user just has to choose what you want.

Users can play the music in its entirety or it can be cut into certain parts, for example, the chorus or other parts.

It’s just that, this feature is still being released gradually. While it is still being rolled out for iOS-based devices. Meanwhile, Android cellphone users must be patient waiting for their turn.

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No need to worry, because you can still add music to Insta Stories in a few easy steps.

How to Add Music to IG Stories Directly

how to add your own music to instagram story

Stories (Snapgram) basically record certain moments with a short duration (only 3-60 seconds). So the easiest way to add a song to our story is to record it along with the moment we want to record.

This method is not necessarily able to produce a good song sound. Even so, you should still try it while this method is so easy and fun.

1. Add Music on Android Phones

If you are using an Android phone, you can do this method easily. First of all open a song player application like Google Play Music or any other song player application.

Look for the song that you want to make music on your Instagram stories. Also, determine which part you will add the music too.

If you have paused before entering the part of the music you want. After that open the Instagram application and tap the camera icon in the top left corner (to open the stories menu).

Via the notification bar, play the music by pressing the play button. If the music has started, you can immediately record your story as usual by pressing the camera button at the bottom.

Your stories will soon be filled with music that you play together automatically

2. Adding music to the iOS Phone

As if you are using an iOS smartphone, How to Add Music to Instagram Story directly is almost similar to how to add it to an Android phone.

The difference is that you will not play music using the notification bar, but by utilizing the control panel that is owned by iOS.

The method is very easy, which is to simply swap with three fingers from the bottom when you are on the stories recording screen.

Once the control panel appears, you just have to run the song with the play button and do story recording as usual.

3. Add music with the help of other devices

The two methods above are simple, but usually, the sound quality is not that good. Because your smartphone will play and record sound simultaneously.

To circumvent this process, you can take advantage of other song player devices that are around you. For example, you can use your tablet or laptop device to play the song.

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Make sure the additional device is close enough to your cellphone so that the recorded voice can be heard more clearly. This method will not produce the best recording quality but it is still fairly easy for you to do.

How to Add music to IG Stories with Application Help

how to add music to instagram story without sticker

With the help of third-party applications, we can add music to our Instagram stories with much better quality.

The resulting sound can be exactly the same as the sound we listen to when we play it with a music player. The difference is you need to download this application first before starting to be creative with your stories.

1. Add Music with InShot Video Editor

With this application, you can make videos according to your creativity. Record videos with this application as if you were going to record your stories.

To add music just press the song icon on the toolbar and select the song you want. You can also adjust the volume and which part of the music will be played.

Since this simple video will be posted on Instagram, make sure it doesn’t exceed 60 seconds in length. When the editing process is complete, you can simply press the Save button and upload it as usual to Instagram as your story.

Quite simple right?

2. Adding Music with Sounds

If this one application does openly branding itself as a music provider for Instagram. This application that you can run on Android or iOS can also help you find your favorite song without having to download the music first.

If you’ve found your favorite music, just press the Share button located at the bottom and tap the Instagram icon. Apart from Instagram, you can also share your favorite music on Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat!

3. Add music with Flipagram

The last application that we recommend is Flipagram. This application, which has been downloaded by more than 50 million Android users around the world, can help you in making simple videos by utilizing the photos stored on your cellphone.

Like Instagram’s filters, Flipagram also provides some special effects which are certainly a shame to miss.

Uniquely, Flipagram can add music that is not only stored on your phone but also songs that you have never downloaded at all.

You can also set which parts of the music you will add to your story later.

The advantage of Flipagram is that besides being able to write captions directly in the application, you can also send the results of your video stories through Instagram’s DM facility! It’s really worth trying.

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When it comes to quality, of course using the application will be much better than the direct recording method.

But if you just want to just share the snippets of music you are listening to in a short time, it feels like recording live is not a bad thing either.