How to Add A Signature in a Word Document

How to Add A Signature in a Word Document 2022

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How to Add A Signature in a Word Document easily and practically to do? Here we summarize the Microsoft Word tutorial for you.

Digital correspondence today is a very important thing where every official letter definitely requires a digital signature as approval.

For that, you need to know how to create a signature in Word so that you don’t get confused when you create a formal letter that requires a signature.

Some documents or digital letters must be affixed by a signature in order to have legal force.

Some examples of digital documents that require a signature are work contract documents, agreement letters, decrees, and so on.

One easy way to create a signature in Word is to scan your signature and paste it into a Word document.

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For more details, you can follow the steps of the following Microsoft Word tutorial.

How to Create Digital Signature in Word

how to create a digital signature in word

Converting Signature to digital file

  1. You can first write your signature on a piece of white paper using a black pen
  2. Then take a photo with your cell phone or scan it with the scan machine you have
  3. Transfer your signature photo file to the laptop

Paste a signature into a Word document file

  1. Open the Word document in that you want to insert a signature
  2. Select the Insert menu then select Pictures
  3. Select Browse from file and look for the signature file that was previously converted into a digital file
  4. After you find it, then select insert

Setting a signature file in Word

  1. After the signature image enters the Word document, make a selection by clicking on the signature image
  2. Select the Format menu to set the appearance and position of the signature
  3. Click Color on the format menu to set the color and appearance of the signature image earlier
  4. Select Black and White in the recolor section to make sure your signature is black and white
  5. Set the signature display with Set transparent color so that your signature does not have a different background from the paper color
  6. Adjust the layout and position of the signature by selecting the list of horseshoe-shaped icons, this is what you need if you want to place it together with the text or behind the text.

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Well, that’s how to make a signature in Word that you need to know to create a digital official letter with a signature. How? Easy is not the Microsoft Word tutorial above?

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