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20 Best Home Design Apps for Android Online and Offline

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For those of you who like home design and interior design, of course, you shouldn’t miss the home design apps that are widely used today. One such example is the famous Adobe Photoshop (including Photoshop Touch and Photoshop Express for mobile). Many of you are of course using this application.

However, if you find it difficult to do designs with Photoshop, you can try out online and offline home design apps on Android. This home design application can be one of your best choices to create a dream house plan. What are the applications for these alternative home designs?

Best Free Home and Interior Design Apps

Design Home

home design software

Want to do a design with only an Android cellphone? Try this home design application, Design Home, this one. Not much different from the previous applications that have been mentioned. Design Home also offers the same convenience in designing the dream home of its users.

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You can put and decorate various kinds of furniture for your home. The furniture catalog in Design Home is also available from various well-known furniture brands. You can design a high-end home with this application. Interested? Download the free app here.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas

home design app for pc

Unlike other applications, Houzz Interior Design Ideas is not a design or sketch design application. This application is an application that offers you existing home designs. You just have to look at the interior design pictures available in this application. You can see by category and by style.

This application itself is more towards the concept of sharing social ideas. You as a user can see various stories, ideas, pictures, photos about home design that are present from other users. Since this application is connected to supporting products, you can view the interior design product catalog with various prices.

You can get home design ideas from this application. You can also share stories or photos about the home designs that you have worked on. You just register first, or if you want it easier, you can register using your Facebook account. Pretty interesting, right? Immediately download this lightweight app at this link.

Planner 5D – Interior Design

home design 3d

Having a variety of easy features in doing home design, the home design application Planner 5D – Interior Design also comes with the help of 2D or 3D images. You will feel realistically designing a house with a real picture too.

One of the installed features is the editor. Here you can freely edit and create your own castle. Not only that, even Planner 5D – Interior Design has provided a catalog feature that will provide inspiration for the furniture you will use. So, it is perfect for beginners who are just starting to design their own homes. How, are you interested? Download the application by clicking here.

Floor Plan Creator

home design software free download full version

Using the Floor Plan Creator application will provide a real and realistic home design. This home design application has several features that will provide convenience, for example, you can design a floor that will be adjusted to the size of the room.

Not only that, other features such as the 3D Tour Mode also contributed to the ease of designing a home. So, it is with 3D that you will easily see how good-looking your house is. Do you want to use it? Just click here and get the application immediately.

Home Design 3D – FREEMIUM

3d home design online

Doing your own home design is not easy. However, in fact, you can do it easily and quickly with the Home Design 3D home design apps – FREEMIUM. First, you need to do a design for the floor of your house.

After finishing with a floor design that suits your taste, then you can move on to decorating to install furniture and other items. If you feel that you have had enough with all the house designs, you can immediately save your design results. Easy and practical, right? Just click here to download the application directly.

Homestyler – Interior Design & Decorating Ideas

3d house design app

Moving house is no longer boring thanks to this application. You can be creative in adding furniture to a room, and this can be done virtually!

You only need to take a picture of the room you want and match the angles to the corners in order to get an accurate result. Then, then you can make various customizations to the objects in the room, such as changing the wall paint, adding a number of furniture, and much more!

In fact, the selected furniture can be positioned with very easy controls. If you don’t want to use a photo of the room yourself, there are also several pre-made room designs available in various types – bathroom, dining room, family room, and so on.

What makes it quite unique, all available furniture models have very realistic 3D designs. Because it looks so original, you can just take a picture of an empty room, add a series of dream furniture, and share it on social media. It’s guaranteed that your friends won’t know if it’s just artificial.

This application can be downloaded for free via this link, and you only need to connect the Homestyler app with your Google account, Facebook, or email. Interested in trying it?

Room Creator Interior Design

planner 5d

In today’s sophisticated era, it can also be used in making home designs. Room Creator Interior Design is one of the best home design applications that you can use on an Android smartphone. This application will provide a 3D image.

You only need to drag and drop when you want to add various kinds of furniture in the room. Room Creator Interior Design will ensure the ease of users in doing home design. Do you also want to make it easier for you to design a house? Download the application here.


room design app free

Technology really eases human activities. Now you don’t have to bother measuring the area manually anymore. There is already an application called magicplan that can scan a room and turn it into a floor plan automatically.

This app is really useful if you want to measure the costs involved in renovating a room. For example, an estimate of the size of the wall can provide the amount of cost required to paint it.

This is a really useful application for architects who want to communicate projects with their clients. You can combine the entire room into one house, convert it to PDF, SVG, and XLS formats, and view the 3D version of the sketch that has been made.

magicplan is a home design application available for free on Android. So, there’s nothing wrong with trying a magicplan that relies on this AR Core. Come on, download the app at this link!

Room Planner: Home Interior & Floorplan Design 3D

room design app free

IKEA is quite well known in Indonesia for its affordable furniture and delightful self-service shopping experience. Well, now for those of you who are curious about whether these products match your room, there is an application called Room Planner: Home Interior & Floorplan Design 3D.

At first glance, this app is a generic enough home planner that you will feel familiar with when using it. But what makes it unique are the furniture models that are based on real IKEA objects.

You can also match the size and feel of your furniture, play around with wall paint colors, and much more. Not only that, but room editing can also be done in 3D or 2D (bird-eye view). Interesting right? IKEA shopping is even more fun thanks to Room Planner. But prepare a large enough internal memory! The problem is this application is 400 MB.

Room Creator Interior Design

If you don’t need a realistic and stunning design, Room Creator Interior Design is quite reliable in doing its job. You can design the interior of the room with a number of furniture based on the function of the room – kitchen, office, dining room, and others.

The design of the model is not very attractive, but the catalog collection is quite complete. You don’t even have to wait long to download it, it’s just under 100MB in size!

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Uniquely, you can “explore” the room with a first-person perspective so you can get the same feel as the original. Interested to try it? Just download Room Creator Interior Design via this link.

HomeAdvisor: Contractors for Home Improvement

In fact, not everyone can renovate a house alone. Instead of being wrong, why not just rely on the experts? This is the HomeAdvisor app that lets you estimate a project and estimate how much it will cost.

Not only that, but you can also order an expert to come to your house and do the home improvements you want. Or if you want, you can also do a consultation with a video call so that they have an idea before coming to your house.

Home Design 3D Outdoor / Garden

With just a few easy steps, you can create your own palace design. With a 3D view offered by one of the home design apps, Home Design 3D Outdoor / Garden. In the application, users will be guaranteed the ease and practicality of making home designs.

It’s not enough to stop there, even the Home Design 3D Outdoor / Garden also offers more than 100 items for outdoor design too. You can add furniture for gardens, swimming pools, and other outdoor home designs. Want? Download the Home Design 3D Outdoor / Garden app here.


Some people don’t want to bother making room designs. They just need inspiration on how to arrange beautiful and aesthetic furniture. Are you included? If so, this is the Homify app, a Pinterest-like app that lets you search for millions of photos of beautiful interior designs.

All you have to do is find the photos you like and you can save them at will. In fact, you can contact the owner of the photo to consult about the cost and processing time.

What are you waiting for? Download Homify today!

iDecorama Home Interior Design

Not only makes it easier to design a house, but iDecorama Home Interior Design will also provide information about the latest styles in home design. This home design apps will also adjust the home design according to the budget that the user has.

Not only that, but you can even get free input from experienced experts in home design. Also, another advantage offered by this application is that there are no advertisements, you know. Are you interested in using it? Just click here and get the application for free.

Dekoruma: Furniture & Decoration

After you feel satisfied with the results of the home design that has been made, it’s time to fill the room with various furniture according to your needs. Matching furniture is not easy but also not difficult. Maybe you need some inspiration. You can use the Dekoruma: Furniture & Decoration application as inspiration and buy the furniture right away.

You can match various kinds of furniture to suit your needs and tastes in the Dekoruma application: Furniture & Decoration. This dekoruma prepares several styles and has a large catalog of furniture that you can choose from. Are you ready to equip your house with the best furniture? Download Dekoruma: Furniture & Decoration here.

Palette Home

Don’t be confused anymore when you want to decorate a house. Just use the Palette Home application which can provide real visuals of the room. Change the color of the walls, add the furniture you want, and even add windows.

All can be done with controls that are easy to master like playing games. The design of the model which is quite realistic can also give you a pleasant immersion when making designs. Palette Home is a must-have app for every interior designer.

Kitchen Planner 3D

In accordance with the name of the application, Kitchen Planner 3D is made especially for those of you who want to design a kitchen room with a 3D model. Here, you can determine the model of furniture for the kitchen, color, to rearrange the layout of the kitchen utensils. In fact, you can also change the ceiling design in the kitchen and also the kitchen floor.

After you finish creating a design for the kitchen, then you can save your design results. But unfortunately, to be able to save the design results, you have to upgrade the application to the pro version. In the pro version itself, there is a feature to be able to undo, save, and determine the image size. If you are interested in using this application, you can directly download the application here.

3D virtual plan

Do you remember Pokemon Go? Imagine if what appeared was not Pokemon, but a house. Wow, how come? Of course, by using the 3D Virtual Plan application.

You can see the 3D version of the map in the form of a print-out using your cellphone camera. This application uses AR technology so you can also shoot a sketch of a house while moving around the corner.

So for those of you who find it difficult to have an idea when looking at an ordinary plan, this 3D Virtual Plan application is certainly very helpful. Until now, this application only works on plans or sketches which are available on the site https://virtualplan3d.com/. You can download the 3D Virtual Plan at this link.

Photo Measures

Don’t have a meter at home? No worries! This is when you rely on technology like the Photo Measures app to simplify your business when measuring.

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You can measure not only the length and width of the room but also the furniture. This way, it will be impossible for you to buy furniture that will not fit in the room. Unfortunately, this application is not free. Let’s buy the Photo Measures application on this link!


Instead of just designing, why not make it happen at the same time? By using Hutch, you can buy the product you want after looking at the link, you know!

Hutch Interior Inc. also admitted that there are hundreds of product brands that you can choose from. In fact, you can see the rating of a product to see if you will like it or not. In terms of customization, this application is quite complete with the ability to change the wall color. Click this link to try it.

Those are some alternative home design apps that you can choose and use. You can choose according to taste. If you have more funds, you can choose a paid application or program because usually paid programs will offer more features.