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15 Home Business Ideas You Can Start for Cheap And Make $100K

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Are you getting tired of being an employee? Considering to run your own business but still able to manage a quality time for the family? Maybe it’s the time for you to walk out of your old office and try to create your own business. You can choose any businesses that enable you to do it from home. Doing a home business can mean a lot of fun, especially when you manage to choose the right business options that suit your character and passion. It can even reduce your stress level for two reasons: you no longer work under the pressure from your supervisor, and you do what you love to do. You possibly determine your own way in carrying your own jobs.

So, here is the list of successful home business that might you want to consider.

Choosing the Right Home Business to Run

1. Party Planner

successful home business

If you are good at making plan and like to work with many kinds of clients, this job will give you the opportunity to develop yourself. The good thing is that you can do the job easily from home, though sometimes you have to meet the client in the location of the event.

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2. Vintage Clothing Reseller

The online shopping with various kinds of available accounts has made it simple for the beginners in the selling vintage clothes business. Vintage clothing is such a good idea to create home business ideas with low startup cost. You can buy the items online, and resell it, or you just sell the items you already have.

3. Party Clown or Fairy God Mother

Who doesn’t like clowns at the birthday party? Or if you have daughter, mostly she will ask a fairy god mother to come to her birthday and grant her wishes in a blink of her magical stick. It is one of the successful home business ideas, though you actually have to go out from your house to work. But you can do the order and the preparation at home.

4. Dance Instructor

If you are able to dance, you may start your business from home by setting a real studio in your home. It’s such a nice home business, isn’t it? Doing your hobby at home and get paid.

5. Clothing Designer

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Designing T-shirt can be a start point in doing this business. Even so, there are a lot of opportunities you can get from this business, since the fashion business will never be lack of costumers.

6. Jewelry Maker

There are many different ways that you can do to create your own jewelry. When you’ve done making it, you can directly sell it online or at a craft exhibition.

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7. E-book Writer

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Your ability in writing should bring you more benefit if you are able to construct nonfiction works, and it’s even getting easier to make an e-book and get it published to produce some amount of money.

8. Massage Therapist

It’s a kind of profitable home business ideas to do. You don’t have to make a lot effort in doing the business. All you have to do is that take one or two close relatives, gives them the therapy and make sure that they get the best of your services, and let them spread the news about it. Then, just wait for the new clients are coming down to your house to get the best service of your massage.

9. Drone Trainer

The popularity of drone is unavoidable these days. Many individuals are likely possessing the drone to keep record of their extreme actions. If you are dare to call yourself an expert of drone, you’d better start to let the people know about that ability, since it may open opportunities for you to run a business in telling people how to operate the drone effectively.

10. Gift Basket Creator

In special occasions, people often need to buy some special gift to give to their beloved ones. A home business of gift basket arranger or creator will be the answer for those requests. This job could be a fun job for those who enjoy arranging gifts at a basket.

11. Florist

Flower is everyone favorite for any occasion. Many people believe that flower symbolizes compassion and love from the giver to the receiver. This home business is fit for those who are keen on arranging flower and have a good sense of plants.

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12. Vacation Rental Owner

home business ideas with low startup costs

If you have a large house, and there plenty of rooms that aren’t occupied, you can turn it into a lucrative business. The plus point if your house is located on the tourism destinations like mountain, or beach. You can rent them into a vacation rental or directly to the clients. If you would like to rent it directly to a client, make sure that your offer is below the price of the hotel there, so the client would think twice to reject your offer.

13. Mystery Shopper

If you love shopping, this home job may enable you to make it into home business one day. You definitely do what you love and get paid for that. What a great job? All you have to do is just going around the stores nearby, and then evaluate and the service and the needs of numerous stores i your area.

14. Publicist

When promoting is one of your best skills, you might consider doing it as a new job that can generate some money for you. As publicist, you may able to work your tasks from home for various clients’ demands.

15. Henna Designer

Henna is a plant that is used for cosmetic purpose for years. Recently, there are more and more people use the henna decorations on their hand on special occasions. No one is for sure whether this is Arabic or Indian tradition, but what is sure is that the henna decoration is getting popular. And it gives you chance to make it as a home business. Of course, you should equip yourself with the ability of drawing or painting.

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