15 Home Based Jobs: A Great Business plan after Retirement

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A decade ago, when someone asked you: “Where do you work?”, you might have to answer it by mentioning names of company or government institution or you’ll have to cover your face with the whole of your fingers due to embarrassed feeling. But today, the world is changing, people change, and everything change the way it goes.

The home based jobs have found its glory. Today, when asked: “Where do you work?” a lot of people will simply answer it: “I work at home.” And no one is going to be confused by the answer. They will just nodding, or even think on their mind:” How lucky you are, being able to do your work, and still have your time for your family at the same time.”

Indeed, the home based jobs today are likely a dream job for some people. Its flexibility in time and scheduling has made a lot adult especially those who had been married turn into this kind of jobs to do. Even, many start their own business from their own home. Thanks to the development of information and communication of technology that make it possible.

If you are searching for the work from home jobs, you’d better check the list below:

Being Productive by Doing the Home Based Jobs

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Being a Ghostwriter

Having a skill in writing doesn’t come naturally for some people. They know what to say, jut have no idea how to organize it into a good composition. As a result, they mostly people like you to deliver the message through your composition of their idea. In doing the ghostwriting, one of the online jobs from home you can do, you’re not necessarily put your name into your composition.

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Freelance Journalist

In this rapidly changes information world today, the degree on journalism apparently isn’t a must-have requirement to bring the world the news. If you happened to see and had a chance to catch an interesting local story, you may try to investigate what is exactly happen, and then you can go to the local news company, and ask them to publish the news you bring. This kind of home based jobs part time can bring two main benefits: the money and the increasing ability in arranging words.

Creating Personal Blog

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When writing about what people ask you to starts to bore you, why don’t you start to write on your own? Start a blog, select a domain name, and set your blog. Invite subscribers, or sponsors. That’s how you make money from blogging.

Writing Reviews

Before deciding a product or taking a service offered, most people today are likely to seek the review from previous people who had used the products, or how they feel about the service they have taken.

Unfortunately, those people won’t come up with the expected reviews. Therefore, you can take this home based jobs by providing those prospective customers the information they need.

Writing Greeting Cards

In Indonesia, greeting cards are not common. But for people in Europe or America greeting cards have been part of their lives. That’s why Blue Mountain Arts has been searching for writers for their greeting cards products. And this is a truly legitimate home based jobs for you, especially when you are good in choosing dictions which can represent what other people feel.

Editing and Proofreading

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This is one of home based jobs that require a lot of patience. Besides, you have to be excellent in grammar. Plus, a keen eye is definitely needed from this job. However, by taking this home based jobs online, you’ll get paid well for your excellent work.

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Editing Academic Essays

If you’re really good in writing, and you are surely acknowledged with the rules and regulation in writing an academic essay, this job will be suitable for you. You don’t need to worry about the target market since there are a lot of desperate students scattered all over the campuses waiting the rescue from someone like you.as you launch yourself into these students, they will bring you more and more customers.

Web Designer

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If you believe that creativity will bring you the money, then this job is a chance for you to prove. This home based jobs is quite fun and fulfilling.

Graphic Design

Being a graphic designer will bring you the comfort and freedom. Plus, it can generate you the money to pay a rent. You can either sell your own work, or you can take jobs on freelance sites.

Data Entry

home based jobs data entry

Since this home based jobs data entry isn’t a job which requires a special skill, most of company will outsource this kind of job. And don’t expect for the high salary when you decide to work on this job.

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Data Analyst

Data is always important for companies. Unfortunately, they apparently have no much time to work on that, and that’s where your ability is needed.

Launching a Startup

It is not an easy stuff, indeed. Takes you a lot of sweat, time, money, blood, and tears as well. But you can always start with the idea about what you really want to make into a home business. Conducting a research at the beginning is must, and see people who would possibly to make it happen.

Online Personal Trainer

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If you do gym yourself, and would like to encourage other people to lead a healthy life, this work is just perfect for you.


If you have a degree in accounting, this job is definitely for you. Many companies have no idea how to do their counting, and they need people like you desperately.

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Online Personal Coach

There are too many online courses on different topics spread out today. Instead of following this pattern, if you have certain ability in your expertise, why don’t you try to make it a bit personal? Try to focus on helping a person only. Meet your consumer in person, make a plan together and show him or her how you could help him or her to develop himself or herself. This could be one of fun home based jobs to do.

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