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15 Best High Paying Jobs in The World Make At Least $100K Per Year

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Salary has been the most important thing to consider when choosing a job. As, we live in Indonesia, here is the list of high paying jobs in Indonesia. The business world has set the bar too high for any other field to compete, dealing with the salary.

The List of High Paying Jobs in Indonesia

high paying jobs without a degree

Chief Financial Officer

A CFO is placed on the first rank for the high paying jobs in Indonesia’s list. It’s quite reasonable since the responsibility of a CFO is very big and crucial. A CFO main duty is making a plan, strategy and management. A CFO is also responsible to determine the route of financial success of a company. In some situation, a fast respond toward a case is needed, and that’s requiring someone with great experience and the precise thought to decide a quick and effective decision. That’s why being this position obviously needs a degree, a CPA or MBA, and valid communication skill and strategic character of thinking.

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Chief of Business Development

This position definitely needs someone with great persuasive communication skill since the main responsibility is to bring new customers into the business. The function of a Chief of Business Development will be essential as the business is able to expand and enhance the market share. The salary for the position is predicted to be at IDR 115 million per month. Such an amount that will make your jaw drop, isn’t it?

Senior Cost Accountant

The role of someone in accounting is very important for a company. Collecting, analyzing, summarizing cost, also making a plan to spend the cost effectively aren’t easy things to do. It requires precise accuracy that may drain the body and thought of an accountant. Usually, the more experienced an accountant is the higher salary he will get.

Head of Treasury

Another high paying jobs that you can find in this country is head of treasury. Integrating some functions like accounting, auditing, and tax paying, a head of treasury perform a job that surely deserve for high payment. His being may determine the continuity of a company. Besides, the job also requires the high skill of analytical thinking to determine the future planning of a company.

Marketing Director

A person in this position is responsible for a crucial role for the development of a company. The marketing director should be able to perform a precise and effective strategic marketing decision to make the growth of a company. For those jobs aren’t easy ones, the expected salary as a marketing director in Indonesia could reach IDR 100 million per month.

Highest Paying Jobs in US

highest paying jobs

If industry is on the top rank of high paying jobs in Indonesia, healthcare area is the kind of job that pays the practitioners highly in the US. Here is the list:

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In the annual report conducted in US, a surgeon can generate $255, 110 per year. The term surgeons are associated with the physicians who take care of disease, injuries, and deformities by any surgical methods, either using instruments or by manual manipulating.


There are a lot of youngsters, and the number keeps increasing, who would like to be a dentist. They may see that the prospect for being a dentist is quite guaranteed. And based on the research, the employment of dentist will experience 19% of growing from 2016 to 2016 in the US.

Internist, General

The internists mostly have to deal with adults who commonly have problems with their internal organs. The internist provides the treatment of any kind of disease and injuries of the internal organ systems.


In the US, a lawyer is considered the smartest group of people. No wonder that this job offers high salary for the practitioners. Between 2016 and 2026, the percentage of the outlook for the job is predicted at 8%. In 2019, a lawyer in the US is reported to produce $144, 230 per year.

Pilots and Co-Pilots

The pilot and co-pilot are the ones who stay on the cockpit, navigating the plane, and make sure that all the passengers will arrive safely on their destination. For carrying such great responsibility, the salary they get is just that worth.

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High Paying Jobs without a Degree

Freelance Jobs

Other than those high paying jobs mentioned above, there are also some high positions that can generate a lot of money and doesn’t require any degree or whatsoever. Let’s check the list below:

Real-estate Broker

If selling and persuading people to buy something are just your expertise, this job will enable you to get an average wage of $58, 350.

Funeral Service Director

To hold a celebration, people often don’t have much time to prepare. They would usually hire a party planner for their occasion. Similarly, the thing also happens in death. Since the family is too sad to arrange a funeral ceremony, it is your time to grab such situation as the business opportunity. Kind of irony, isn’t it? But, would you still feel guilty if you can earn $66, 720 from this business?

Farmers, rancher, and other agricultural managers

If you love this Earth so much, and seeking for a way to help those green communities to save the planet, while still benefit you some money, this job is just perfect for you. The job will demand you to do some tasks like operation of farms or ranches. You may also get involved with the task related to the greenhouse, aquaculture operations, and any other agricultural developments.

Power distributors

The duty here is to regulate, coordinate, and distribute the electricity or steam, which sometime include the work of technical facility of a plant source.

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Air traffic controllers

This position is definitely one of coolest high paying jobs in the world. You have to monitor and direct the aircraft traffic. This is a quite stressful and demanding job. Therefore, though a degree isn’t really important for the requirement, you can get $122, 530 for doing the job.

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