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15 Profitable and Great Home Business Ideas

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Are you looking for the promising, profitable and great home business ideas? All right, you are in the right place. For those of you who are considering starting a home-based business and becoming an entrepreneur following 15 promising and profitable home-based businesses as inspiration for you to start a business.

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Daily catering services

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With increasingly busy urban life and the high cost of eating out, daily catering service is great home business ideas. It is currently growing and increasing demand.

If you like cooking and can serve good food, the daily catering service business can be one of the promising home business opportunities. Besides not requiring a large capital, the daily catering service business also has great potential with the possibility for you to develop it into an event catering.

Diet catering services

Preparing healthy food for diet is not easy and requires a lot of time. This means that there are business opportunities to facilitate diet enthusiasts in regulating their daily food intake by providing diet catering services.

Selling fruit juice

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If you have a house that many people travel through, selling fruit juice can be a profitable home-based business choice for you.

Starting a business opportunity for fruit juice is also relatively easy. All you need is a juicer, a machine for making juice packs, attractive juice storefronts and various basic ingredients. But, for a successful home-based fruit juice business, you need to pay attention to the appearance of your storefront so that it gives a fresh and healthy impression.

Snack Packaging Business

If you have an idea to make snacks that are unique and delicious, the business idea of snack packaging business is one of the promising home-based businesses.

In addition to promising a home-based business, this one is also somewhat profitable because the average gross profit from this home-based snack business reaches 50%.

Selling Pastries

Delicious cookies are the choice of many people to give as gifts at special moments and to be served to guests. This kind of great home business ideas is usually crowded during holidays, Christmas, New Year, and the other. But actually, outside of those times, there is always a demand for good cookies.

If you can make delicious pastries, this can be a promising home business choice for you. To start a promising home-based business opportunity with this small capital you need a kitchen, cooking equipment such as an oven, mixer, packaging materials.

Fried Rice Business

Are there many boarding houses in your area? or located in a crowded village? If yes, then one of the home-based businesses that promise you is the fried rice business.

Fried rice is one of the best-selling culinary businesses and is sought after by many people. The key to success is that you always have to improve the taste of the fried rice you sell so that it becomes one of the most delicious fried rice at the location you sell.

Virtual Assistant

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Virtual assistants provide remote assistance via the internet to their clients to perform various tasks such as checking and replying to emails, conducting research, arranging meeting schedules, following up on meetings and other matters.

The virtual assistant gets the money from the contract according to the service period or according to the hours worked. To become a virtual assistant you must have foreign language skills, laptops, smartphones, and a stable internet connection. If you are interested in trying to become a virtual assistant you can search for virtual assistant jobs on and


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Blogging can not only be a fun hobby and add insight. Blogging can also be a source of income that makes money. There are even super successful bloggers who have succeeded in big businesses or become their main jobs.

If you have a deep interest in a field, have a hobby of writing and are capable of doing online marketing then you can try blogging as a promising home-based business.

Online business course

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If you have special knowledge or expertise, chances are there are other people who are interested in learning your skills. If you want to have a business that combines passion, helps others, and spreads your knowledge, then an online business course can be your choice.

Writing Articles for Other Websites

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Today there are more and more platforms or websites that offer those who have hobbies of writing, creating content and creating with writing to make money from these activities.

The money that can be generated from writing on these websites varies in value. But generally, you will get revenue sharing from the revenue generated by your writing, cost-per-view schemes, and bonuses for top writers.

With so many choices for websites to get paid by writing you can make writing as one of the great home business ideas with small capital.

Social Media Management Services

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Social media has become a part of everyday life for many people. Currently, there are 1.97 billion active Facebook users worldwide and in Indonesia alone there are more than 88 million Facebook users. With a large number of users, social media has become one of the effective media for marketing.

If you have experience managing successful social media marketing campaigns, you can provide social media management services to various businesses, organizations or even public figures as profitable businesses.

E-book Writer

Write and package your knowledge interestingly in an e-book that helps your readers learn a new skill, develop their career, solve a problem or improve their personal lives. You can also write fiction if you prefer to make a story that is interesting and entertaining for your readers.

To be successful as an e-book writer you are not enough to be able to write well, you also have to master online marketing so people know and buy the e-book you write.

Baby Equipment Rental Business

We know that most baby gear is only needed for a relatively short period of time. Therefore, not a few parents who choose to rent certain baby equipment such as breast pumps, breast milk refrigerators, and many baby toys.

If you have enough capital and understand the world of parenting, this baby equipment rental business can be a promising home-based business for you.

Daycare services

Daycare services or daycare is one of the businesses that are needed and are developing in urban areas. Especially for daycare babies who are under 1 year old. To start a daycare business, you need a number of caregivers and a house that is spacious enough for the nursery and playroom that is entrusted.

Affiliate Marketing Business

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Affiliate marketing gives you the opportunity to make money from recommending goods or services that are useful to others without any additional costs to that other person. For your affiliate marketing business, you can create a review site, tutorials, and recommendations for items that are useful for a particular niche.

Those are some recommended lists of the great home business ideas for you who intend to do a home business. Good luck!

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