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12 Best GIF Maker Apps to Download in 2022

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GIF or Graphics Interchange Format is a digital image format that has animation in it. Unlike JPEG or PNG image formats which only serve static images, you can view a moving image in a GIF file like a video.

Because of its uniqueness, GIF animation is currently gaining popularity among Android smartphone users.

There are many ways we can do to create these animated GIFs. The most traditional way is to use image-editing applications on a computer such as Photoshop and others. While the easiest way is with a special GIF animation maker application on Android.

Weblogue will review a list of Best GIF Maker Apps. What are some of them? Here’s the complete list.

12 Best Free GIF Creators Apps


gif maker software free download for pc

Make a GIF on an Android phone? Easy. You only need to install and download the best GIF animation maker application on this one and you can immediately create your GIF. This application does not only rely on the main function as a GIF maker, but users can take advantage of various features to edit GIFs.

You can collage some of the GIFs that you have created. In fact, you can embed a variety of unique and interesting stickers. Of course, you can make a GIF that is more contemporary and more Instagram-able. Want to try it? Click here to download the application.

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PicsArt Animator

PicsArt not only has the best photo editing application because there is PicsArt Animator, an application that allows you to create animations, whether in the form of videos or GIFs. In this application, PicsArt Animator provides many interesting tools to try one by one.

Some of the favorite features in PicsArt Animator are adding animation in the form of stickers or text. Not only that, even PicsArt Animator has lots of frames to make GIFs look more attractive. If you don’t match the animation available in the application, then you can draw the animation yourself by relying on the draw feature. Whatever the animation, immediately download the application here.


gif maker app windows

GIF Mob is a Best GIF Maker Apps that has a simple interface but is still equipped with various features. You can use this application to create animated GIFs easily and quickly and then share them via social media.

This GIF Mob application supports making animations with portrait or landscape patterns. This application can also take pictures directly using the rear camera or front camera on your Android device.

StickDraw – Animation Maker

Still, looking for a way to create animated GIFs? Try using StickDraw – Animation Maker. The reason is, this is a simple application that allows you to create your own animated image. Not only that, StickDraw users have the right to choose to convert images into MP4 or GIF format.

Of course, StickDraw deserves to be in the line of GIF animation maker applications. Applications that have been installed more than 1 million times by Google Play Store users. The application developed by Bingzer is indeed one application that is very easy to create animated images in GIF format.

GIF Studio

Next, there is a Best GIF Maker Apps that is very easy to use. How not, you can add a watermark or add other GIF format images in your JPG images. GIF Studio is a relatively new app. However, because this application is very easy to use, it’s no wonder that GIF Studio has so many enthusiasts.

Create animated GIF images with photos available in the gallery or record images directly with your smartphone camera. After you’ve finished creating your animated GIF image, share your work via WeChat, Google+, and micro-blogs. Creating animated GIF images is easier with the presence of GIF Studio.

Gif Me! Camera

free gif maker app

If you are familiar with the photo filter feature in the Instagram application, then you can also apply it to animated GIFs with the Gif Me application! Camera. Yes, the animation that you create can be given a variety of filters that will make it even more interesting.

Apart from that the Gif Me app! This camera can also create animated GIFs that are quite long up to about 14 seconds. That time is enough to make a complete animated story like a stop motion video.

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GIF Maker, GIF Editor, Video Maker, Video to GIF

As the name implies, this application does have very complete functions, namely creating GIFs, editing GIFs, making videos, and even being able to convert videos into GIFs. When you edit a GIF, this application also spoils it with various features, such as combine, record, corp, resize, trim, filter, handwriting, and even embed funny emotes in GIFs.

Not only that, because in GIF Maker, GIF Editor, Video Maker, Video to GIF you can also compress GIFs if you feel that the size is too large. What’s interesting is that you can also change the background of a GIF made with any image. Very complete and sophisticated, right? If you are interested in using it, please click here to download the application.

GIF Maker – GIF Editor

Nearly 80,000 times Android users have downloaded the GIF Maker – GIF Editor application to create GIFs easily and quickly. In the application, GIF Maker – GIF Editor features a cut and crop video.

In addition, GIF Maker – GIF Editor has a wide selection of text, complete with colors that you can choose according to your taste. Uniquely, GIF Maker – GIF Editor has a wide selection of cute and interesting stickers, you know.

DU GIF Maker

best free gif maker app

Previously, there was a screen recording application called DU Recorder, this DU GIF Maker application is also made by DU Recorder, the developer of Screen Recorder & Video Editor. In accordance with the name of the application, DU GIF Maker can certainly help you in making GIFs.

This Best GIF Maker Apps is able to convert from video to GIF, from image to GIF, and even record videos to be made into GIFs. What’s more, you can directly edit the results of the GIF that have been made with DU GIF Maker. Not to mention the various tools that can be said to be quite complete for the purposes of making GIFs. Curious?.

Gif Maker

Another easiest GIF maker is offered by one of the GIF maker applications, namely GIF Maker. You only need to take a picture via the camera and become a GIF. You can create GIFs of between 5 and 25 seconds in a single GIF.

High-Resolution is also installed to further produce the best GIF quality. You can also edit GIFs that have been made with various features in the application. Are you interested in making GIFs with this application? Download the application here.


Next, there is the Legend application, the Best GIF Maker Apps chosen by the PlayStore editors. With Legend, you can make GIFs easy, fast, interesting, and of course up to date. You can make aesthetic writing with interesting GIF-like movements.

Not only writing, but you can also attach photos and add text according to your taste, and the writing will move according to your wishes. Unfortunately, this application is no longer available on the Playstore.

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GIF Maker

Like the name it carries, GIF Maker is an application that can create animated GIFs from images on your Android device. The image can be processed in such a way as to become an interesting animation to look at.

You can add various items for the animation being made such as icons, emoticons, and more. With this application, you can really express your creativity in a GIF image.


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