How to Get Verified on Instagram

How to Get Verified on Instagram in Minutes

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It is not strange if every smartphone user has an Instagram social media account. The reason is, Instagram is indeed quite grabbing people’s attention with its various unique features. Not to mention, Instagram is quite active in innovating the latest features so that users don’t get bored, whether it’s in the form of Instagram stories, IGTV, and others.

It’s no wonder that many Instagram users are competing to get attention from a large number of followers. The followers of each account are indeed very influential, for example, celebrities with tens of thousands of followers and some even hundreds of thousands. With so many followers, he deserves a blue tick from Instagram.

However, what exactly is a blue tick for? What is a blue tick? How to Get Verified on Instagram? Actually, this time we will discuss the terms and How to get Instagram Account Verified. But beforehand, let’s first know what a verified account on Instagram means.

What are the verified account on Instagram?

A verified account where an Instagram account will have a blue checkmark as a real account or call it an account that has been verified for authenticity by Instagram.

Why should there be a blue tick? Please note, Instagram accounts of famous artists have the potential to be faked. That is, to distinguish between the artist’s original account and the fake account, Instagram provides a solution by marking it as a blue check.

So, when you find an Instagram account on behalf of an artist but there is no verified account from Instagram, then it is likely a fake account. However, if you find an artist account with the presence of a blue tick then you can be sure that the account is genuine, not fake.

However, getting a blue tick on Instagram is not an easy thing where you have to meet several requirements from Instagram. Also, not only artists can get a verified account. Here are some terms and How to Get Verified on Instagram.

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Instagram verified? How to get that coveted blue check mark

How many followers do you need for a blue tick on Instagram

Artist or Celebrity

The first requirement and ways to get a verified account on Instagram are that you must work as a famous artist or celebrity. Yes, if you are not a well-known and well-known artist then Instagram will not verify your Instagram account.

The profession as a famous artist or celebrity is sure to have an untold number of fans. Therefore, to avoid forgery of the artist’s account, Instagram will verify the account. This also helps fans not to be fooled by fake accounts on behalf of certain artists to get benefits, both financially and otherwise.


Why do athletes get blue ticks? Some athletes such as Christiano Ronaldo is some of the most famous football athletes in the world. Because of his popularity, it is possible that there are fake accounts in the name of Ronaldo, right?

As for artists, maybe they will post their works on their Instagram account. So, to protect copyright, Instagram will verify the account for famous artists.

Famous Product Brands

If you have a favorite product brand, then you can see a blue checkmark on the Instagram account. This is also one of the conditions and how to get a blue tick on Instagram. You can see famous product brands like Chanel on Instagram @chanelofficial, they have pocketed a verified account from Instagram so that loyal consumers are not deceived by fake accounts.

Public figure

In addition to accounts of artists, athletes, and famous product brands, even public figures are included in one of the lists of requirements and how to get a blue tick on Instagram. The community leaders in question are the President, Ministers, Experts, Mayors, Governors, Politicians, and others. The goal is still the same, namely so that there are no fake accounts of the public figures.

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Accounts with Drastically Increasing Followers and Likers

If you find it difficult to become an artist, there are still other ways to get a verified account, namely, make sure your account gets a drastic spike in followers and likers. Yes, Instagram will also consider accounts that get very many followers and likes every day.

This also has the same goal, namely to avoid fake accounts that duplicate the original account. If an account has followers and likers that increase drastically, the account will automatically be seen and in the spotlight of many people. Therefore, an account like this has the potential to be faked by other people.

Accounts that are currently Hits on Instagram

Account hits aren’t always Instagram celebrities, huh. You can get a verification account from Instagram if your account is quite popular, in the sense that it is being discussed a lot. Instagram understands that there are several accounts that are hit and the potential for these accounts to be faked by other people.

So from that, the account that will get a verified account from Instagram is one that is currently being hit. So, what is the account that is currently being hit? Maybe you can see @ 9gag one of the hits on Instagram.

Multiple Live Personal Accounts

Personal accounts that are widely duplicated or faked are also included in one of the conditions and how to get a blue tick on Instagram. The reason is, if the personal account has been reproduced by other people, especially for personal gain, then Instagram will give a blue check to the original account.

Instagram celebrities

It is not surprising that Instagram celebrities will get verified accounts from Instagram because they are considered to have many fans. Many who know the fame of Instagram celebrities also have the potential that the Instagram account will be faked by irresponsible people.

On that basis, Instagram does not hesitate to provide verified accounts for Instagram Celebrity accounts that are deemed worthy of getting a blue check. That way, fans of Celebrity Instagram will not be fooled by fake accounts.

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So, for those of you who want to Get Verified on Instagram, maybe you have to meet one of the eight conditions above. You can be an artist, an athlete, have a hit account, a public figure, or you can be an Instagram celebrity.

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