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14 Best Freelance Jobs Sites that You Can Do Mostly at Your Home

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More and more people choose to be a freelancer instead of working on a certain company with strict schedule from 9 to 5. A mother with a very high specific qualification for a certain job often chooses to be a freelancer due to her dedication toward her family. Thanks to the advance of the technology that people now that do most freelance jobs don’t need to know each other or be at the same region. The presence of internet has brought freelance jobs online from home to home. Only by sitting at your rocking chair at home, without necessarily leaving your family, you can have an opportunity to add your income source.

Below is the website list that offer freelance jobs from home. If you’re still new in this field, you’d better check the list below. Who knows that one of them could fit your qualifications and provisions?

Freelance Jobs: Easy Way to Make Extra Money

freelance jobs online


The site provides you a wide range of variety freelance jobs. Since the validation of the member is important for the site runner, every member to apply should qualify the data completely and validly.

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Until now, has provided around 4.900 vacancies for the freelancers of many kinds of field. It also provides a consultancy service to hire freelancer.


Some cool jobs are offered by this site like graphic designer, to freelance writer.


Established in 2003, in California, the site has worked as the provider information for freelancers. The applicant will search the jobs offered based on his qualification, then the process of registration is started.

5. will give you representative facilities if you want to open a vacancy for freelance jobs in social media. This site has a large range of partnership either with individuals or the business industries.


It is a trustworthy site especially for the designers and those who need the services of the designers. Many designers become the member of this reliable site. The name of is a guarantee for the quality.


It is such a professional site which provides a variety of freelance jobs, from music, field, design, writing, to digital market.

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In this site, the available freelancers are seen easily by the owner of the projects. The owner then will choose the freelancer he would like to hire, and then they can start the system of work.


The site provides the list of the freelance jobs, as your path to earn extra money. When you find a perfect job for your time and qualification, you can start to reach the owner of the project ad start to make a deal for the job.


It’s a site that search for freelancers from any creative industry. The owner of the project or the freelancer applicants aren’t charged when they want to use the facilitation from fastwork. However, 17% of your fee will be asked to replace the service fee for Fastwork

11. Linkedin Jobs

This is probably the most popular site offering variety of freelance jobs especially for professionals.

12. StudentJob

This site is perfect place to promote or get freelance jobs for students or fresh graduates.

As a site with networking of students community, the site also have a regular activity such as Student Coaching to improve the skill and the ability for the members.


Ruangguru is a site focusing on the education services. It builds the cooperation with 805 of the province government all over Indonesia to provide online study.

14. iWriter

This site will introduce the writers and the business owner who need content writers to write some articles for them.

Legitimate Work at Home Jobs

freelance jobs from home

Since freelance jobs meaning is the jobs that you can do without necessarily tied to particular long term employment for a company, most of the time, you can do it from your home without necessarily attending office and fulfill the traditional working hour from 9 to 5. And here is the place where you can find best legitimate work from home.

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1. U-Haul

Uhaul provides remote works especially for reservation agent position. It also offers paid training for the employee giving chances for you to have more knowledge.

2. VIPdesk

VIPdesk offers customer care position for those who live in several federal countries in the US, such as Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Texas, Utah and some others. VIPdesk offers some benefits including paid time off and medical care for its employee.

3. Tech Support

Another work at home job is offered by Tech Support. However, the positions in this business often require some experience and certain education background. And that makes the jobs worth for higher salary than common customer service for instance.


TTEC offers the online jobs where you have to help the customers with many kinds of tasks from customer services to technical needs. And you can do those tasks simply from home, because all those things can be done through phone, or social media and live chat. A home phone and high speed of internet access is definitely needed for the job.

5. UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group provides medical care and has been seeking employees for remote jobs related to medical services. Qualified employee will be eligible for some benefits like medical care and paid vacations.

6. BlueCross BlueShield

BlueCross BlueShield looks for medical workers and administrators to work remotely from their home. The availability of internet access, phone line, and a computer is ultimately important for the job.

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7. Measurement, Inc

This site works on the education field. Measurement Inc. provides freelance jobs and hires people with a bachelor’s degree to grade tests, and they can do it at home. Though it gives you flexible time to do the job, most grading days are on Monday through Friday. You may find the project quite differ in terms of the length period and the provided salary.

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