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15 Freelance Jobs Online Ideas to Make Money on Your Own Schedule

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In this era of technological advancement, when information is accessible almost anytime and anywhere, people are starting to find ways to work not by doing 9 – 5 anymore. They are looking for more opportunities to make money by doing things they are passionate about and interested in. And on the other side, bunch of employers nowadays whom are seeing this as a good opportunity of hiring people with less burdens; employment contract hustle, workers’ health benefits and so on. So when the good demands reaching the point of perfect supplies, freelance jobs online have become the perfect solution.

Below are some ideas of freelance jobs online that you can consider of doing, while shifting from the corporate ladder climbing to more flexible time scheduling.

How to Make Money According to Your Own Schedule by Doing Freelance Jobs Online.

1. Accountant

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Accountant is one of the possible freelance job opportunities available on the market. With a wide range of services that you can give to your clients; from doing data entries for their day to day operational transactions up until setting up and analyzing their financial reports, there are lots of financial and administrational helps to offer to your potential clients. So if you are experienced in this field and love crunching numbers, this online freelance job opportunity is worth trying.

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2. Resume Writer

If you like to help people selling their work experiences and climbing up to the next professional career level and have a bit of marketing experience, you can consider of doing a freelance work as a Resume Writer. For some people, it is quite difficult to write about themselves through a CV, because it takes more than just telling the aimed employers about their career history, but a good CV will also tell the readers about who we are professionally, our hopes and wishes of the promotions and career advancement, and what we can offer to the employers.

3. Trainer

Is helping and motivating people to develop themselves your passion? If yes, you can try being a Trainer. Just pick a subject you are experienced in and start marketing yourself online to find the perfect exact clients who need your service.

4. Recruiter

If you are experienced in hiring and have a good eye for perfect talents, then Recruiter is your next side gig. Many employer nowadays prefer to hand over the recruitment process to the experts, since it will be less time consuming for them to deal with every applicants who apply for the positions they offer.

5. Virtual Assistant

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Setting up and arranging meetings, managing phone calls and doing administrative works are some of responsibilities a Virtual Assistant does. And it all can be done remotely and time flexible these days, so that this online freelance job is available for you in many of job sites.

6. Social Media Helper

Most of the companies need people to manage their marketing tools online. So if you are a social media savvy, love engaging with people by giving them customer service and doing awesome postings and building potential followers, then you will be perfect for this online freelance job!

7. Life Coach

When you believe that helping people through a self-development matters, then you can try giving your service online as a freelance Life Coach. Basically what a Life Coach does is to identify specific issues their clients are facing, dealing and discussing the solutions through the clients’ perspective while the Life Coach is guiding and evaluating the progress until the clients achieve the targeted goals.

8. E-book Writer

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If you are experienced in some specific area of expertise, like finance, law, even carpentry, you name it, you can start to write an E-book and sell it online. There are people out there who value your years of experience and want to learn things from you. So by writing an E-book it will raise your chances to share your expertise by reaching potential audiences worldwide.

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9. Drop Shipping Online Seller

Many people have started to do this business since it is simple and need relatively little fund to start on. Drop Shipper doesn’t need to buy and stock up the goods to sell, instead they search for customers to buy the products then manage the shipment directly from the whole sellers or the manufacturers.

10. Online Travel Agent

If you love going places and have experience travelling, then you can consider an online freelance job as a remote Travel Agent. You can make money by helping people arranging their flights, booking their accommodations, setting them up with perfect tour guides, and making their travelling less hustle and more smoothly.

11. Home Decorator

When your passion is decorating houses, start taking pictures of your bedroom, living room, even your friends’ houses you have decorated, and post them online and start marketing yourself. Many people will get inspired in your ideas of making the houses homes and you can give services to your audiences by giving them advice on how to make their houses homes too!

12. Photographer

If you believe yourself having photographic eyes and your friends and family always appreciate you for taking good pictures of them, you should really consider of getting an online freelance job as a Photographer. There are many sites that can pay you good money for selling your pictures. It’s time to monetize your hobby!

13. Graphic Designer

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Every company needs promotional tools such as good logo design, merchandises, and other printed and online materials. And the good news is there are plenty of opportunities of freelance jobs available online if graphic designing is your thing.

14. Freelance Writer

If writing is your passion and you believe that you are a good communicator, Freelance Writer online jobs are available in many job sites. You can be a contributor writer to some sites or being a ghost writer instead for some journalistic works, speeches, even song lyrics.

15. Copywriter

Do you believe you are a good salesperson and have creative writing skill? Then you should give yourself a chance to be an online Copywriter. This job requires you to communicate in writing for the sake of advertising and marketing to draw in readers in specific sites.

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So, above are some ideas for you to start your own online freelance job. There is nothing better compared to work wearing your favorite shorts and sneakers while drinking coffee at your favorite coffee shop! Good luck with your first virtual work and share with me your experience on the comments below.

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